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Changelog 2.184

Uchiha Madara

Staff Sergeant
3) Gringo will not be for sale. I know InnoGames would sell a lot, just like with the Union Officer's, but not everything is about money.
Gringo can only be earned
I like this thinking, but I was referring only to the Clothes set but if it will never be for sale like UO maybe make a set close to Gringo but not that close , a set with multiple skills included in the set bonus and clothes with high LP , would help us work in the new jobs. Me personally I have a full set of Gringo that I won in my local speed server and I still cannot do a lot of jobs because of the high LP that it needs and bare in mind that Gringo gives over 2.5k skill points..


Master Sergeant
Have they cleaned out the profits? Not even the 5% drinks there with! Or is that the first day so doctrine?



Master Sergeant
There are so many approximation errors that it becomes very annoying. At level 176 I was supposed to deal a maximum of 1014 damage, but I only dealt a maximum of 1013. At level 177 I should deal a maximum of 1018.5 damage, so 1019 (if it is rounded, if not, 1018, but as a rule it is approximated by addition, so I should have dealt 1019). But no. I've dealt maximum 1021 damage. What is the logic behind this? Why are there so many approximation errors? Not to mention that for high values for toughness/reflex in duel, the damage multiplier alternates between two values and this should not be the case. And this happens even before the update, now it's only worse.

335 maximum damage for my weapon at lvl 175 (385 with polishing stone) = 1012 damage (should have been 1011)
336 maximum damage for my weapon at lvl 176 (386 with polishing stone) = 1013 damage (should have been 1014)
338 maximum damage for my weapon at lvl 177 (388 with polishing stone) = 1022 damage (should have been 1019)


Edit: It's even more than 1021, i've dealt 1022 now.
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