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Miss my old pink dress ...

I don't know what you understand by "officially released", because the idea with the-west was in 2007, but game go in 2008
draw/paint your character
• at least the face of your character must appear.

so um if my character is not human, then it is ok not to have a human face?

"draw/paint your character or your in-game avatar"
You've skipped an important bit. :)

But just to make sure that there is no confusion, I've rephrased it: "draw/paint your in-game character or avatar".

Yours sincerely,
Community Manager
doesn't answer my question, and I saw the OR but OR means one or the other, not both.
As for the game avator, its based on the choices given, not at all what I would make given my own choices.
given my character name, my choices would look a lot more like my forum picture.