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Information Forum Rules

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  • The public beta is English only, limit other languages to well known quotes or provide a correct human translation.
  • Do not rebuke another user for their spelling or grammar. Please report the post if the contents are illegible.

The Public Beta is an international forum, where the majority of participants will come from a variety of cultures and have English as a second language. It is especially important all players remain mindful of this, to avoid causing unintended offence to other players. Jokes about race or religion, in particular, should be avoided.

We do not provide examples of which "swear words" are or aren't classified as profane. This would act against our endeavour to keep such language off the forum, and would not properly reflect how our judgement varies depending on the context of the word. If you are interested in a general guide, however, I suggest you view a study from the UK Broadcast Standards Commision: HERE. Chapter five, especially pages 44 to 45, provide an order that roughly matches our interpretation as native speakers. Remember that using any words, profane or not, to insult other players is always unacceptable.
  • Treat each other with respect and remain polite. No personal insults or flames will be tolerated.
  • Anything deemed politically extreme, racist, sexist, pornographic, unlawful or unsavoury in any way is prohibited.
  • Phrases, images or links deemed, by the administration, to be widely accepted as profane are also prohibited.
  • These forums are actively monitored by the developers. It is crucial that game feedback remains respectful, constructive and objective.
  • Bashing the development team, their mothers or employers will result in a non-negotiable permanent ban.

  • Always search for a pre-existing topic before creating a new one.
  • Create topics in the correct forum section.
  • Choose appropriate topic titles. A bad example would be “Help!” or “Question”.
  • Do not include lots of unnecessary quotations.
  • Avoid double posting. If you accidentally double-post threads, contact a moderator.
  • When a rule is violated, a notice is provided. If a rule continues to be violated, infractions will be imposed. In extreme cases, a notice will not be provided.
  • Do not spam, 'troll' or go off-topic in a discussion. Side conversations and arguments between two people should be held in private via the Private Messaging system (or other means) to avoid leading a thread off-topic.
  • The maximum dimensions allowed for embedded images are 720 pixels in width by 540 pixels in height, no larger than 512KiB in file size. Animations are not allowed for images larger than 100 by 100 pixels.
  • Do not include any copyrighted material in your posts.
  • Infringing on, or disruption of, InnoGames' commercial activities is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, the linking to other browser games, advertising with no connection to InnoGames, referrer IDs, and the creation or use of "spam accounts."

Signatures have a maximum size of 700 pixels wide by 100 pixels high. There are a variety of elements you can use within these limitations:

Signatures may contain text of any size, however any large text should not be coloured or stylised. Each line of default sized text, including blank lines, is 16 pixels in height. This means for a signature containing only default sized text, you may include up to six lines. Each line of size one text is only 12px high, therefore you may include up to eight lines.

Quotes, excluding any lines of text, are 68 pixels in height. (The equivalent of 4-5 lines of text.) This means you can include a quote with two lines of text or a single line quote with one line of text beneath it.

Images use their height in pixels as their size. They must not be animated, with the exception of any forum 'smilies' smaller than 100 by 100 pixels, and no larger than 512KiB in file size.

Official "The West" Signatures
Official "The West" signatures are 60 pixels high, therefore you can include one official signature plus two lines of text.
  • Signatures can be no larger than 700 pixels wide by 100 pixels high, no animations.
  • Avatars are automatically constrained to 200 by 200 pixels, no animations.
  • Profile pictures can be no larger than 200 by 200 pixels, no animations.

  • You must follow all instructions from our moderation team.
  • Do not impersonate, insult, berate, or harass the moderators. They are players who have volunteered to assist in improving the game and should be respected for their willingness to step up.
  • Do not create public posts regarding moderation, infractions or bans without express permission from the community manager. Instead, direct all comments, inquiries and complaints via a polite Private Message.
  • If you notice your post is missing, or your account is banned, it is for good reason. Please do not attempt to evade moderation by reposting the material or creating a second account.

  • All other forum rules apply to private communications, i.e. private messages and reputation, in addition to public posts.
  • If you are unsure whether or not something is in breach of these rules, please contact a moderator before posting it.
  • Players who deliberately act against the building of a community will be denied access to these forums.
  • We reserve the right to impose penalties, even if no stated forum rule has been violated.
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