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Changelog 2.211 - Discussion


Staff Sergeant
No need for comparison.

Imagine this scenario:

You play in a not so active world, there is no available cooks to craft you cocktail or you have enemies that will not help you. Your friends list doesn't have a cook or if it has he is inactive for a long period of time. What are you supposed to do here? Angus to get XP buff , if you also don't know about this , what else can you do to get XP buff? Nothing really, so I am telling this again , you should take into consideration many things before saying stuff. Not all worlds are active, not all markets are active certainly not all of us play in German or Net market where it's the most active markets. So tell me again , why is the new buffs useless if all the above exist? Most of us play in 1 active world, most of us have many toons in other worlds too but we will play more in our active world. I personally play in a market where real players are less than 150 , so tell me, how am I supposed to get what I want when from these 150 players , they all play in 2 main worlds with battles and I'm stuck in an inactive world because I came back to the game after a very long period of vacation.

I'll wait.
exceptions doesn't make the rule

if the server is empty? why the need for anything then?
maybe migration would be better
your problem is inactivety,, no buffs good or bad will resolve that

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
maybe migration would be better
your problem is inactivety,, no buffs good or bad will resolve that
Of course , this is rare for me to agree with you but you are right , of course no Buffs will resolve inactivity of worlds. Only migration is the solution but we know how that works..


Master Sergeant
These new buffs are made for new worlds, new players and speed servers, not but dead worlds. 2 of them are actually useful.


Master Sergeant
Why complain if you don't have the buffs yet? And for information about the German world you can't migrate because it's locked and it's released for certain worlds. You can only go to point point point, world where there isn't much better. And I'll try out the fort combat buff whenever it comes! +45-70 Fort Battle Damage +7 Multiplayer Defense +7 Multiplayer Attack Uses: 5 .Out of sheer curiosity. For a new world where booby traps are rare. Only ammunition belts are often available.

Someone here wrote what should he do with those bonds!? Now he can use it for the new buffs :njub:


not that i need any of these chests but .. some are still too expensive!!

premium : good price maybe 400
fancy chest : should be 50 max
unique chest : max 100
glossy chest : 400
precious chest: max 200


In 2015 made an request for reducing the prices, plus the prices of "special shop sets", and get something special on each chests/bags, removing 75% of all clothes, available on shops. Every ches/bag would have 1 to 10 things (about 5% of everything available on each) that we could only get from that chest.
Begginner bag has 7 (Adventurer mocassins, Buffalo Bill's revolver, Revolver, Gingerbread cookie, Harmonic and Fake hair, Geronimo headband was removed), bag with an rare product has 3 (Key 2, winter hat and a revolver) and premium chest has 7 (Key 2, Key 3, Howdah gun, Elefant gun, Golden Tomahawk, Sniper and Innogames belt).
Already saw that is been use on special drops for events, making some "secret item" (like the diamonds gun) to be inside with a very low droprate.
Since this move looks like to be an step for new chests, to make Waupee brilliant things available. Before that, change the chests/bags. There are many old collector items that are "lost" in the game code. Remove many many things, that everyone can buy from town shops, hide some of those items inside each one. That will make many players use bonds/nuggets trying to drop them. Since those items are just "bragging rights", no problem there. Same for those special items, even some old sets or sets that where only available once (even that those should be rewards for some new quests, like Ron visit). That would keep players doing everything they can to get bonds (or buying nuggets) and try there luck on those.
Same thing for the Craft bag. Get the products and the 1 recipe, for that craft. Paying 125 bonds/nuggets to receive products that everyone can drop in few minutes, not even worth to receive one of those from an quest. Instead of only giving some products, give recipes on it. Yeah, little chance for getting those hard and high craft recipes but it would make them useful. Same for the recipe book, Remove all recipes below 600. Use it for future recipes for the high level product drops. Nobody will waste nuggets or bonds, when there is 99% chance on getting something that is value at $100 or less.
Hope the drop of prices is tied with that, long, wait for an full change on the chests/bags.



when the player reaches level 250 there could be a reset to level 1

This reset could not reset all skills or the craft

with this I could choose a new class and learn a second craft


Lance Corporal
thumbs up for making the rice stew better than booby trap, i will actually buy that now :) but its weird you didnt didnt edit it on the forum, people might not know about that


Master Sergeant
Somehow it doesn't open! If you reset level. Then the level is just 1 or 0. That has nothing to do with craftsmanship And your character remains the same. You want a completely fresh start:annoyed:


The West Team
Price bonds/nuggets​
Rice stew+75-100 Fort battle damage
+7 Multiplayer Defense
+7 Multiplayer Attack
Uses: 2

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
since we're adding new buffs, can you reduce the price of the old ones?
for example:
View attachment 2173
Dont think anyone ever bought that item anyway
The whole UPD shop needs a total revamp/update. All prices must be reduced by at least 70% , since this is almost the same as rice stew which is 55 bonds this must be reduced to 45 because it doesn't have the extra + damage.

One thing I want to see reduced by a lot is the Mysterious Potion which in my opinion it shouldn't be more than 100 bonds.