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Pumpkin Hunt 2022 - Discussion


Master Sergeant
Howdy cowboys and cowgirls Halloween is now over and pumpkin surprises have been buried in the wild prairie. Search the area for 100 pumpkins before winter comes and all the pumpkins are covered in snow! From November 23, 12:00 p.m. to December 7, 12:00 p.m. you have the chance to get up to 100 tasty pumpkins by doing jobs on the map with just a little luck. A small gift to make your life on the prairie easier is hidden inside each pumpkin. So keep your eyes open! Some pumpkins receive another item - a pumpkin atlas, pumpkin seeds, Halloween pumpkins or the three sisters method. You can get all of these items in our brand new quest line "Are you good with pumpkins?" use. The quest line consists of 9 quests and is available to all players who have reached level 30 and completed the quest line "Save the Saloon - Part 2". <<--- German world


The West Team
That's just a test I've done. Nothing official.
Trying again. Now I'm at 684 tasks with 53 pumpkins.
tell that to a beginner with level 30 that he needs equipment to do a temporary event quest job 20 level higher. in my opinion, the required jobs should correspond to the level for which the quest is announced. in the old quest is so and only that makes sense.
tell the beginner to pause the quest for 2 or 3 days until he reached lvl 50.
come on, dont construct issues which are not really existing.... :P
No. Actually it is better.
I got the pumpkins with 1400-1500 tasks.
4% would be around 2500 tasks.
Still considered an annoying task that is stupid to have in the game. I don't know how anyone enjoys clicking 1000 jobs, then an additional 3 clicks to open and confirm.