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Is Skeleton / Colombian OP?


At lvl 172 and lvl0 clothing

skeleton/colombian clothing/weapons has V sarah astor set -->+175AP +755 SP

skeleton/colombian clothing/weapons has V john astor set -->+99AP +626 SP

Are you serious? Even padden has 600 less SP than skeleton/colombian

Now go tell me this sets are not OP skillwise , doesnt matter where the SP are placed.


Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team
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Give us some minutes we will do our "magic".

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"Purge" happened. We hope we don't need to do it next time (because there won't be the next time) because we are here and can talk like we are now on a National TV show without getting punished by FCC. We are going on a "break" with this topic, and shall we try it tomorrow without making anyone uncomfortable?