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Character class update proposal



The game has changed a lot in the past years, classic The West ain't nothing like the Actual The West. In fact, some of the old classes are completly outdated. For example:

"Free hotel up to lvl2." -> With todays Buffs it is easier to just munch energy buffs than wasting 8h sleeping on a hotel that aint gonna refill 100% of the energy.

Thats the major example of how outdated these classes are. In my opinion some of them need to be updated to higher values and others should be completly changed.


-> Increase the % in drop rates and luck.
-> 25% setting traps/hiding (like soldiers get tct or HP)

->The experience bonus in jobs etc should also be raised and useful in churchbuilding.
-> The aim/dodge bonus they get for FFs could be changed to a sector bonus cuz when they are in towers or walls builders are suposed to know how they are build and stuff.
-> 15% more skills in construction

-> 10% more aim/dodge/app
-> no extra cash from duels but extra experience

-> 2-5% damage from the weapons and rifles instead of 3 lvl less

What do you Guys think?

Thanks a lot

PS: i dont know anything about Fort Fights bonuses and such so... please feel free to give an explanation on why you think they are or are not good ideas!


I agree with you posts, but i'm going a bit further. You are changing things that wont make people actually wanna be other class that aint dueler for crits or soldier for HP/tct in duels.

I'm offering all classes skill points such as soldiers have tct hp and leadership
dueler WOULD get aim/app/dodge in duels
Workers WOULD get aim/dodge in ffs and construction in jobs
Advents WOULD get hiding/setting traps in ffs and maybe even jobs

This is what would actually balance the classes. All getting skills from it.
Thats my main goal

Other bonuses are to update them a bit make them usefull