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Changelog 2.188 - Discussion

the legit

When are the rest of the new batch of achievements for the rest of the Lincoln set? Nan is still locked. Your move InnoGames


Sorinel Desteptul

Lance Corporal
"We have a solution for your problem!
From now, the traveling fair will start at random full hour between 5 a.m. and 11 p.m. (server time)."

Nice ! When traveling fair started, it was sleep time for me. Every time I woke up, fair full of products, and construction at half...


Master Sergeant
I had received on a world the circus. This morning wanted to lay lot. And was still closed. This evening it went. The update was installed too early :njub:


Master Sergeant
The last time I built the circus out! I could visit the circus the next morning. But now can only visit at 14:00 because message came at 02:00... So it must be a mistake before leagues or am I wrong there?


Master Sergeant
bedaZirkus3.png << Traveling Circus Products Delivered: 0/5 ???

I can only write. Congratulations you have won a technical knockout :njub:

As on German worlds, the beta of the traveling circus has a technical problem :njub:

Excuse me! With me everything is just set to German



Master Sergeant
That's why congratulations for the technical knockout :njub: Yes, it should work today. Problem at InnoGame in Hamburg