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Why are Crafting skill points are based on luck

How long should the waiting period on crafting Fever Medicine be

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I consider it completely unfair that Skill points in Crafting are based on luck
Should the crafting be based on luck?
I have crafted 6 Fever Medicine in the last 24 days and I have not received 1 crafting skill point
All the Community manager has to say is "you are having bad luck"
He said he has no reason to believe it's bugged, although there is a high possibility of getting a crafting skill point
It's bad enough that you have to wait 4 days to craft a Fever Medicine, but I don't believe anyone can not get a crafting skill point 6 times in a row
There are currently 4 + Battles a day, but you can only craft 1 Fever Medicine every 4 days to assist you at Fort Battles WHY?
How does a delay of 4 days help the community?

I will post a poll asking for you to decide if the crafting waiting time is too long in your opinion
Should it be 1 day - 2 days - 3 days -4 days

Has anyone experienced not getting crafting skill points more than 2 times out of 6 in the last 24 days?
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no crafting points in beta for me, only 1 in Arizona. in about 2h I'll be able to craft again.
if my count is correct, this will be my 10th attempt at crafting. it means that I'll be at 10 or 20% success rate (depending if I get the crafting point or not), and if this continues I'll reach 850 crafting points in a year or two. talk about long term goals, eh?

John Wick

It looks like you've discovered polls for yourself. Didn't you want to quit a week ago because the game is so bad and you don't want to waste your time here?
There are some things that are random and maybe it is not as bad as you think. Just because you are no longer rank 1 in crafting suddenly bothers you. Before that, wasn't it totally irrelevant to you. Is that now a problem, because you are not the no. 1 anymore:whistle:? Not everything here is as bad as you always say just because it's not for your benefit

Ice, some of the posts were indeed interesting (example: Duel Potion) but you're slowly getting on my nerves.
@The-Iceman always sleep in church before crafting to bless rng hahaha

Pure RNG and waiting timers are a bad mechanic. I mostly find such systems in mobile games.
Rng system i like is pseudo random meaning that with each successful/unsuccessful action it increases the unsuccessful/successful chance of the next action.

+Its like they force u to have multiple accounts to get the things you want/need
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I think there should be time limitation, because the real difficutly of all added recipes in this downgraded last year crafting event is around 300-400 points (Times to make 1 product are fairly simillar). The most difficult part of craft would become way too easy. The real problem is the increase of possible points maximum based on production of those products.
What would be more interesting in my opion is if crafting chance is determined by a formula that includes skill points (fine motor skills + stamina + rapairing?) + The total number of crafting points + maybe leave 10% of the chance on "luck"/randomness

What do you think? Also if in the future adventure class perk change give him some bonus on crafting?


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How long before we get a decision?
Another week goes by and still no response :(
Are you pulling your usual trick of Ignoring this request, hoping I will get tired of asking? :(
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Al35ul CM

The West Team
The request has already been passed on but no official confirmation has been made regarding this subject. I will, of course, pass this on again :)


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WTH is going on
It's been over a month since the last response and still no action
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