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Update 2.129 discussion


I wonder about one thing. As a play that rarely play on whenever my character was deleted (set inactive and removed from leaderboards) due to inactivity for 45 days i had almost always a greeting with 500 bounds letter when i came back. Did it change? Or was it removed like 500% nugget offer, because as far as i'm concerned there is no more such an offer after this bug that happened almost 2 years ago once.

And so is there any plan to make such offers back to the game and create even some more "annoucments" that would give active player bonuses. For example random 100 bounds letter, energy box or simply potion of wisdom (5% one) to gain more XP because on new servers it take so long to gain 150 level that some players never come back to actually hit it, because new servers are opened so frequently and it's just not worth to grind 150 lvl.


On a not very related note..
Would you pls consider lowering the Cooldowns of Energy and Motivation bags (that we buy from Shop with Bonds & Nuggs) to at least 11h 30 mins, or 11h from 12.

Or.. stop them from triggering a 10 min waiting like other buffs.


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so leones too busy te react here, but not on other topic?

is new trainstation a new quest like update log says??? or is it that old one that has already been set in a few weeks back?