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Travelling fair reward


Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team
It was not yesterday, when I mentioned if someone really want lvl up fast, he get some xp potion via nuggets or bond, and he can reach final lvl very fast. Not so many people thought it will be possible, some people maybe laughed at me when I mentioned someone will spend it for it nuggets or bonds for it. But today, it was happened at .hu at our event world (without any xp or premium or speed bonus, only you can use other guys to help you, like selling you some stuff) where was goal who will reach lvl 150 at fastest way.
Server started at about 7pm at 19th of December. And today at am 11:11 someone reached final lvl, 150th lvl.



(He live in different timezone, but not that essential)
How he did it? Now we go to back to topic title. He played lot at travelling fair for 25% xp potion. Travelling fair was available at beginning of game, and one day it was in reward pool. He knew it, he can win it by get some. When he reached about lvl 94, he started used it these potions to reach lvl 150 to win this game. And he did.
Idk it will be happen in the future, but that was awesome and little scary moment in my the-west history watching at chat how fast he lvl up.



Yes, I do live in a different timezone, thanks for mentioning me, I really appreciate it, mate. :D

And he is right, he is telling the damn right true. He just recently reached lvl 150, was very shocking and impressive for me, but he did it with an amazing work and hard job. Congratulations, buddy. :)

Btw, hope this xp25% won't be in the game on normal servers, if yes it will ruin the experience of the game.. Hope they'll figure out the best way to restrict the life of that xp25% potion. Maybe it"s gonna be fine in the 3rd reward category, or idk.

Greetings from Hungary


Private First Class
The drop in "common" is somehow random (at least it was on beta after traveling fair update, so not everyday you'll find 25% potions there, but anyway it's ridiculous) We've got new drop from traveling fair on 3 Polish servers where players were building it most slowly and caught up for new update for last day. We've encoutered similar situation on pl23 server, where we were only able to get 1 and 5% potions but also golden and green letters which exploited whole circus and increased amount of times you can play a lot. Some people got several times more bonds than they put here, and also 2 players got from 142/139 to 150 in one day.
https://i.imgur.com/nCglUR6.jpg -that was my drop after spending whole UOP savings for Christmas ;x, for ~4100 bonds I got 51 golden and 67 green letters and I could play for total amount of ~18500 bonds, 741 times, I've got potions for total of 385% exp( imagine if one of that potions was Exp25%, I would get 60*25 = 1500% - 15 levels xD), 43 doc's sets that I could sell for ~1M minimal price, shitload of boosters, 17 InnoGames belts xd, and more. In my opinion all the bond rewards should be removed, and better exp potions moved into harder to get categories so if someone wants to spend a lot of nuggets still could get them.
Tbh almost all drop from Blue and yellow/gold categories is crap that I'll never use, lot worse than common/green ones xD
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This is really a very serious problem!
You can reach level 150 in days, and if someone at that level does this 50-level jump gets 95 million TPs.
The experience ranking list can be completely ruined. With lots of money, anyone can be the first in a few moments.
Thousands of hours of church building would disappear and for this reason many players would delete.

Even before the next travelling fair take them out, but at least make them very rare.