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Small changes to fort formulas


Master Sergeant
Hi. I come here with a proposal offering some small changes to damage and resistance fort formulas that I hope will help tanks more. At high level where damage dealers have high upgrades for weapons, high sector bonus and a lot of leadership, the damage dealt is absurd and resistance as a constant is useless. Sector damage bonus is also pretty useless for tanks because the 200 or so secondary resistance that most tanks have from items is enough to fully mitigate the usual sector bonus. These small changes could solve these problems.

This is the actual damage formula:
Weapon Damage + Sector Damage + [(Weapon Damage + Sector Damage) × Leadership ÷ MaxHP]
The red part refers to primary resistance and the blue part refers to secondary resistance.

The small thing that I propose is to split the first part of the sector damage into 2 equal parts, but the first part will be mitigated by the primary resistance, while the second part will remain mitigated by the secondary resistance. The primary resistance formula is: 300 × (Hiding OR Setting Traps) ÷ MaxHP. So, it will look like this:
Weapon Damage + 1/2*Sector Damage +1/2*Sector Damage + [(Weapon Damage + Sector Damage) × Leadership ÷ MaxHP]

The second proposal is to change the resistance on items to have the bonus scaled per level instead of being constant. 1 flat resistance should be transformed in 0.01 resistance per level.

This way the tanks will be able to hold out a little longer against the damage dealers and also deal slightly more damage if they have sector damage. What do you think?


With the first proposal I don't really understand why it would help tanks as damagers would receive the same benefit. I actually think it would be worse for tanks blocking as now every small person/tank would hit you harder thus you would survive shorter. I would much prefer to see reduced gain from Leadership.

I am not sure I understand your second proposal, so if I have 400 resistance at level 100, with this new formula I should get 4 resistance, at level 150 it would be 6. if you used 1 resistance per level instead then it would be 400 at level 100, 600 at level 150, 800 at level 200. This would be an improvement against extreme damagers.

I don't like your first proposal but I would agree to the second


Master Sergeant
With the first proposal I don't really understand why it would help tanks as damagers would receive the same benefit
The reason you don't really understant why is because you don't understand the damage formula. The damage will be overall lower for damagers. Both changes should be introduced in the same time, but even if they're not, damagers' damage will be the same, not higher!

Case 1 (original formula): Weapon Damage + Sector Damage + [(Weapon Damage + Sector Damage) × Leadership ÷ MaxHP]
Case 2 (my new formula): Weapon Damage + 1/2*Sector Damage +1/2*Sector Damage + [(Weapon Damage + Sector Damage) × Leadership ÷ MaxHP]

Let's say your weapon damage is 500, the sector damage is 200 and you have 2000 leadership. In the first example you have 2000 HP, in the second example you have 40000 HP. The opponent has 270 resistance, 20 primary, 250 secondary. Remember, there are no negative numbers here, so what is below 0 it's actually 0.

Case 1:
Damage dealer: 500+200+[(500+200)x2000/2000]=(500-20)+(200+700-250)=480+650=1130 damage after resistance mitigation
Tank: 500+200+[(500+200)x2000/40000]=(
500-20)+(200+35-250)=480+0= 480 damage after resistance mitigation
Case 2:
Damage dealer: 500+100+100+[(500+200)x2000/2000]=(600-20)+(100+700-250)=580+550=1130 damage after resistance mitigation. (the same)
500+100+100+[(500+200)x2000/40000]=(600-20)+(100+35-250)=580+(135-250)=580 damage after resistance mitigation (higher)

PS: Because there are no negative numbers, some brackets have the value 0.

So, overall, the damage dealers' damage will stay the same while tanks damage will be slightly higher with sector damage bonus. If my second proposal is also introduced, the damager's damage will decrease slightly (~100 less damage). And since some players are already dealing over 2k damage per hit, I see nothing wrong with that.


So your case is that tanks don't make any damage on secondary resistance but damagers get their biggest part from it so it doesnt matter for damagers. Still as a dodging tank this would be worse. Also I don't see the damage multiplier in your formula.


Master Sergeant
Still as a dodging tank this would be worse.
I understand your concern, but it is not true. As I have mentioned several times, these two changes will come together in the same update. So, you will get extra ~60 dmg from tanks, but less damage from damagers (probably more than 100, it depends on your level and set). So, overall, you will be more tanky. In my example I used 200 sector damage, but that's a lot, I used that number to make it easier to calculate. On attack you may have that much, but on defense you have much less, so overall the extra damage from tanks will be somewhere around ~60. It depends a lot on the world, how many sector damage sets are there etc. In any case, duelists will deal less extra damage than tanks will. Additionally, you will deal more damage as a tank. What does this mean? More xp and bonds at the end of the battle. You don't dodge nearly as much as you did a few years ago, so you really need damage for better prizes.


I Like your proposal, but I would say it would be even better if the sector damage be removed from the multiplier of Leadership/HP.

So the formula would go like:
Weapon Damage + Sector Damage + [(Weapon Damage) × Leadership ÷ MaxHP]

The sector damage should be the same for everyone. This way the tanks do the same damage and the damage dealers are a bit nerfed.


Master Sergeant
fyi they don't wanna nerf Damagers nor they wanna boost Tanks as Tanks..

call it inside info..


Nerfed a bit too much :))
Most damagers have a multiplier (Lid/HP) between 2.0 and 2.2, right? So the nerf would be roughly the amount of the damage sector, which is roughly what? 200 Damage? Not that much.
I even think the whole formula should changed but this would be a step in the right direction.