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Overpowered Weapon


Iceman, why only nuggets ;)
everyone who use nuggets will be better :)
You use also nuggets, if you dont have enough money for it, not our problem :)
Dont be jealous ;)

Btw he spend much nuggets for it. if he dont do that and some other players.
The-west will pull out the plug :)


how fast can you destroy a new weapon?
shiny golden set is from this year.... and now they already destroyed it.

"everyone who use nuggets will be better" nice statement but not true.
having nugget items doesn't make you better, it only gives you a better chance of winning.
two totally different things......especially the one who is saying it.... shows it the best.

InnoGames is on a nugget tour.... making more nuggets faster and faster.
the events with all the sets were fast enough, and now they even do more nugget sets and small events in between?
what is next? everyday a nuggetset or event? to keep the nuggets rolling?


Private First Class
I am very sad that I can not show John Wesley Hardin's weapon set here because he is not wearing it right now.
He would also be very pleased with your request, The-Iceman.

But why do you want to go against this type of weapon?

Nobody can ever attack you, because you're always knockout yourself, so you cant be a target for anyone :D


Staff Sergeant
You really didn't think about the implications Wambela
#1 only 1 percent of the players on this server would spend that kind of money to get such a massive advantage
#2 It's no longer available, so even if anyone wants to compete it's too late
#3 I only use Nuggets for the premium Advantage and that only costs me 200 Nuggets every 2 weeks and 3000 Nuggets lasts me 6 months
#4 It has nothing to do with jealousy, it's about keeping the game balanced


if you work then you have more to spend :D :D :D :D :D :D
and yeah be happy if its 1% and not more :D :D
enough time, john wesley got gun level 5 ;)


[13:07] The-Iceman: keep laughing at me and I'll send a few friends to visit you as your attitude sucks [13:08] The-Iceman: I have a lot of Bounty Hunter friends on this server

if its true, use them to kill hein :)


Btw he spend much nuggets for it. if he dont do that and some other players.
The-west will pull out the plug :)
I have no idea how long you've been playing, but if you could see The West as it was in 2008-2012, you'll see just how absurd your statement sounds. The game didn't always need to put in absurd weapons and stuff to live.

if you work then you have more to spend :D :D :D :D :D :D
Some of us have things like family and children to think about other than browser games. priorities, dude

Victor R.S.

The damage is very appealing.
In MPIs, the common damage is 750-850. Something that was hit with only event weapons. And only with level 100-120 yet, with cook weapon level 1.



To be honest whole set is kinda really OP. Like Hancock 60% product rate. Cheff 100% + many other things on its own. Yea i know its nugget thing, but still- showing so fast difference between f2p and ""p2w"" players is just wtf. + Not sure who got idea to put so op things in shop during vacation times i couldnt buy them even if i would wanted to lol unlucky. But i think this is the way which tw will go now, adding only more and more op things. :)

But since this guy upgraded his weapons, its his choice imho and he spent own money on that, weapons on its own arent that OP without upgrade. I believe 2-3ppl who have this wont destroy whole server. :]
When it comes to fort weapon.. well thats other case, and its only OP buff for guys wearing already Wright brother set, which we still didnt got any chance to get again to compete those guys (2years?)


I could say its a really op weapon, but then again, on normal servers from the time i started 2010 and until now, it have been alot of changes and all of them was massively OP, if you never played back in the days, try google for the items back then, all we had was the stuff from your towns 3 diffrent dealers. So this is nothing weird i would say, still OP.

And the big thing ppl forget, its a Beta server, if it wasnt for all you nugget munchers i could bet my life on that this server would be closed or atleast restarted a ton of times.


i have been setting after reading the posts, and i really dont know what to say. started day 1 of en server w-1. i have played with and w/o premi. i do believe each person should have the ability to upgrade if they have the money, but on the same side we have to keep the little people alive for the benefit of the the game.in this case i feel that gun is unfair, because of the dueling level. myself i only duel when InnoGames makes me, as i only do adventuers when InnoGames makes me, more power to both that do. i see both sides of this but i still feel that weapon needs lower dammage, just my 2cents