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Nick Names?

Das Dee


I thought it might be interresting to know what the meaning of your nick name is...

Das Dee (engl. The Dee): while I was looking for a nick name (guess it was AOL years and years ago) I was typing several names "Name already exist" so I tried "Das Dee" as D is the first letter of my real name. The german pronunciation is different to english but the meaning is the same ;)

Anybody else?


When I first registered at lego.com, I tried the nickname wert, but it wouldn't allow me and suggested wert718. So the name stuck. :lol:

Butcher Pete

took mine from a song :whistle: , Butcher Pete was playing fallout 3 earlier in the day before i set up my account. the tune was in my head so here i am


my real name is sakis.i was using sakizzz as a nick name cause it was cooler.but i took the first place on a country strike tournament winning with a total of 105 headshots.The next day while i was at school a a kid said me "mr.sakiz105".i though it was a nice nick so i started using this :)

Youth Survey

I received an e-mail from a company called Youth Survey Center, so i took mine from it. The meaning of my nickname is stupid but who cares? :p



My real name is Alex (Alexandru).
It was too simple,so I change it in AleGsZ.
'Cuz,in my country, "x" = cs / gz so I combined them,and that's the answer.


My old onlinegame name space didn't fit to the west, so I needed a new.

The friend who showed me this game was named crappybunny, he expained me the name in the sense of weird bunny.

Well, so I called me crap :D

Some time later I looked the word up ^^

I still like it :lol:


when i was about 3 years old, my parents called "little cat" (kiscicus in hungarian :D) and with a wordjoke (cicoid=cat-like thing->cincoid=cinci-like thing, so a thing says "cin-cin", so mouse :D) i changed my name. and since that i am mouse :D cin is from here, and i was born in '99, so cin99 :)


Jakkals is of course a jackal in my home language. In south africa there is several species such as the "bakoorjakkals" or bat-eared jackal
which is a small harmless jackal that mostly eat insects. Then we have a rooihaar jakkals or black-backed jackal
. This is the one most common in our area and also eat sheep. In relation to a person it is also an expression for a confidence trickster. We will say "Hy is 'n regte jakkals" Meaning "he is a real grifter" I think that expression come from the sly way a jackal will get into a enclosure.

For various reasons I thought that, that would be a great nickname. in fact I still think this.:D


my nick is formed with a using the first parts of my full names stuck together with tec stuck on the end coz i liked the sound of it (was looking to sert up my own business and the name sounded like it fitted )

but no longer have my own business so the name stayed for use on here and around the net


really simple my real name is alexander, they often call me alie, but that excist already, so I thougt o, aliebaba, and maybe a few of you have seen that my aliebaba is with a long ie, and normal is iet alibaba.

But that was a mistace of My. :P