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Fixed New Quest with golden sabre bugged?


Private First Class
Game version: 2.78
Game world: Alamo
Browser + version: N/A
Screen resolution: N/A
Account name: Heinblaubaer

Reproducibility: 1

Quest title: New Quest Golden sabre

Current situation:
After finding the third piece of map it gives the description of the second piece?
So no information how to get an idea where to go on

Expected situation:

Installed Userscripts:
- N/A

Reproduction Steps:

Screenshots of the bug:https://i.imgur.com/JZXIumn.png


The West Team
The quest has been fixed. If you're missing one or more recipe pieces or the old golden sabre, please contact support.


item description is already fixed.
does that mean the quest is fixed?
and how do players that only got 3rd piece get the rest of the pieces that are needed for questgiver to appear?


Hi there, is the quest The legendary Golden Sabre fixed because I'm not able to find 1st piece of the legendary recipe even after 200x of Treasure hunt... Thanks.


This may happen, a fellow player had to do Treasure hunt for more than 500 times. Just make sure you possess the Shiny Golden Colt and equip the (regular) Golden Sabre during the jobs. Good luck :)

Snr Sarg

Lance Corporal
well, several worlds tried, nothing dropped on any of them outside of those hours, so I'd have to disagree

And I know of others that struggled, then found it dropped during those hours