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Independence Day Weapons


Hello. I would like to provide feedback on the guns to be offered for sale in the SHOP. I know their bonus is not final, although it hasn't changed for a while and I don't think it will, the bonus seems pretty solid and looks finished.
These are the bonuses.

  • John bull weapons have a decent bouns, but that would have been ok if the weapons would have been available through normal Independece Day Event. Being nugget 48h exclusive, these weapons should have been stronger. They have the same damage as zapata's which are 4 years old. They also need more resistance. These weapons are not only 2 years newer from Cortina's, but are nugget exclusive. The damage and resistance are too low, people will just play with cortina's.
  • Brooks weapons are too bad. Harvester's have better bonus and those were free. You don't need vigor and appearance in a reflex set. You need aiming. The vigor isn't necessary bad, but it is in high amounts. This set have more vigor than cowgirl's lol. But very low aiming and no dodging. This weapons needs more reflex and aiming, you can reduce the vigor and appearance.
  • Boswel weapons have great stats, but a very low bonus. They have slightly better bonus than moonshiner's, but that set is 4 years old and it wasn't nugget exclusive. Little britches have 30% money 30% luck (60% in total), similar with these weapons. The bonus can be higher.

Al35ul CM

The West Team
Unfortunately, no further changes can be made to the sets. You can view the final bonuses in our sale announcement.