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Easter egg hunt (Quest 2018)


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As it seems when you finish the mission and you have the character of a woman you do not get a reward, another bug more.


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Howdy Cowgirls and Cowboys,

With yesterdays maintenance, measures were taken to reduce the energy costs for the game servers and thus the running operating costs for The-West in the long run. As part of this, the compute-intensive day mode that we've been using before was replaced with an energy-efficient, permanent night mode.
What mean that night mode? Any clue? Meaning game will be less stable or what?

In particular, this night mode affects the game map and the city overview. At the same time we want to satisfy our large number of nocturnal players. We hope you like it.

Enjoy exploring The-West at night!

The-West team
When this will be activated?

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I am not impressed. With all the glitches in the easter quest that have not been fixed, why give us an April Fools prank with nighttime on the .net servers? I'd rather the developers finish the work [correctly] and fix problems before playing around with silly unnecessary pranks. Especially since the night mode makes it very hard to see and play the game.


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I'm really like night mode, my eyes giving chilling lot now. I hope it will stay us forever, at settings maybe will be selected.