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Droprate duels eastern


Private First Class
Why is the item droprate against the same opponent different?
for example the 9k egg duel (brinson).
why is droprate of belts and shoes higher than clothing and pants?

the items are already divided into 4 categories,
so why is droprate inside a category also different?
then just make another category with the different droprate.
cause the droprate of belts and shoes is very annoying in the brinson duel


Private First Class
2 days and 82 views later still no respons?
doesn't anybody dare to tell the truth about the droprates?


Private First Class
this stupid calculated droprate isn't funny anymore.

more annoying is?
that the manager here doesn't answer?
but on dutch forum is answering as ingame mod?

final conclusion...... droprate in the duels is different
so it's easier to get a belt or shoes than clothing or pants.
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