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Question: is my question a question?

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The West Team
Dev Team
Recently, alot of questions have been posted in this format:
  • I have the idea of x, do you agree with it?
  • Why is x not possible, can we allow it?
  • The functionality x is not working correctly, why not?
Please remember that the questions forum is only for questions about how the game works, not any other topic. If you have a question about how a feature works or require advice for your character, you've definitely come to the right place. Hopefully we, the beta community, can help you! However...
  • If you think you have encountered a bug, and a search yields no information, please create a new issue in the bug tracker.
  • If you have an idea or suggestion to improve the game, please post it in the Saloon for further discussion.
We will still try to make sure that every issue/thread receives an answer from someone, be that player or staff, but putting things out of place doesn't help anyone achieve that.

Thanks! :)
Not open for further replies.