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Awesomia Fort Battles - Feedback


Master Sergeant
is it now a duel fort fight :njub: or rifle fort fight because of Emotschi :njub: ;) :boone:<<-- fort fight
and is that a random brinzieb, the avatar? I would give the first 5 one so there is still Hofnung


The West Team
Awesomia battle. :)

Please, try to balance the sides.
The reward will be the same on both sides.

P.S. You'll receive HP, Energy and enough Bonds for 2 reskills, regardless if you win or lose. :up:


Not a lot of feedback here !

Mine are :
  • too much people in defense by far
  • missing a leader ... and an army obeing the orders
Sorry, cannot comment on game's ajustments.


Master Sergeant
My suggestion where that one does better reward the attackers! Double points give and to set reward!
Since as always too many go to the defense.
That Att double counts and Deaf simply counts.????