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A typical day for two TWT members

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Hi, I play TW on the Polish language version.

Below you can see how two members of the Polish TWT break the record in dodging.

It is not my business who created these multi-accounts, themselves or some other external person. It's just that such situations are taking place. That TWT members are taking part in something like this.

Links to photos:
Ken Block

All newbies are level 1 and are not banned. If someone wants to look like it looks live, I invite you to the-west.pl Ohio server.

After FF I will send a link to westforts.

Al35ul CM

The West Team
Please note that this is the Beta server and, as such, implications of other servers should be posted on the respective servers. I will therefore close this thread, but please feel free to send a ticket if you have any concerns :).
Not open for further replies.