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Event Winter event 2020


The West Team

Howdy cowboys and cowgirls,

This year, winter has hit us hard. A great snowstorm covered the roads with a thick layer of frost. The train tracks are frozen over and some of them even broke. In spring, it will be necessary to repair them, but right now our priority is to help people of the wild west. Some of them are still stuck on trains, not knowing how to reach the nearest towns.
Your town also doesn't have it easy: caravans cannot get in or out. More and more guests come to town in search of warm shelter and a slice of bread. Together with Henry, you give away blankets and warm meals. However, food supplies are running low and the snowstorm is getting stronger by the hour. Bandits start to rob abandoned houses and attack caravans and trains...

Can we stop them?

From January 23rd 12:00 until February 14th 12:00 you will have the chance to find up to 100 of very rare icicles with a little luck while doing jobs on the map. Inside those very chilly items you will find a small gift which may make your everyday life in the prairie easier for you. So, keep your eyes open! In some icicles, you will be able to find new quest items instead of a gift. You will need these items to finish some of the quests. To find the story, you should visit your friends in the saloon...

What to do with the items that are left in your inventory? You can sell them on the market. This questline contains 10 quests. For finishing the final quest you will be rewarded with a special item and the achievement "Survivor of the biggest snowstorm of the century!". Don't forget to collect all 100 icicles in order to receive an achievement: "You have secured 100 icicles".

What is worth knowing?

  • All quest items are auctionable. You can always sell them to your friends.
  • You can win bonds, one-day bonus medals, energy drinks like mate tee, life liquids, speed items like ground rocket turtle shell, buffs, a very old chest like Christmas chest 2013, and much much more...
  • You can also find new Winter collection cardsin the icicles.
  • You can earn these 3 new achievements:
    • Survivor of the biggest snowstorm of the century!
      Successfully complete the questline " The Snowstorm"
    • You have secured 100 icicles.
      Find 100 icicles during the Winter event.
    • Fun in the snow!
      Collect all colorful winter collection cards.
  • And this is what the new quest items look like:

We hope you enjoy this event!

The West team