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Sale Wild West Houseplant sale!


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member

Do you lack greenery? How about new plants in the living room?

This sale is offering you the chance to get your own wild west plants and decorate your house and garden in The West.
The small wooden crate and all plants will be available from October 18th until October 20th (09:00 AM).

Here is some more detailed information about these products:

Hairy cereus

  • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
  • +0.5 Leadership (per Level)
  • +45 labor points
  • + 10% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles

Bunny ears cactus

  • +0.04 Dexterity (per Level)
  • +0.5 Fine motor skills (per Level)
  • + 15% Money from jobs and duels
  • + 10% Improved Luck

Zebra cactus

  • +0.04 Strength (per Level)
  • +0.5 Health points (per Level)
  • + 25% Improved Luck

Thanksgiving cactus

  • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
  • +0.5 Reflex (per Level)
  • + 12% Money from jobs and duels
  • + 13% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles

Prickly pear

  • +0.04 Charisma (per Level)
  • +0.5 Appearance (per Level)
  • + 25% Improved product drop chance


  • +0.04 Strength (per Level)
  • +0.5 Toughness (per Level)
  • + 25% Experience from jobs, duels and fort battles


  • +0.04 Dexterity (per Level)
  • +0.5 Setting traps (per Level)
  • + 25% Improved Luck

Palm plant

  • +0.04 Mobility (per Level)
  • +0.5 Horseback riding (per Level)
  • + 25% Money from jobs and duels

Small wooden crate

Small wooden crate filled with assorted pot plants with decorative flowering succulents: a palm plant, a bananmedis, a ferocactus, a prickly pear, a thanksgiving cactus, a zebra cactus, a bunny ears cactus and a hairy cereus.


Have fun on the farm!

Your The West Team