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The West Beta Records

Al35ul CM

Shadow City Guardian
Former Team Member
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

This thread is dedicated to the most impressive records from our Beta players. To claim a record, please post:

  • Name the record that you are claiming
  • Name the world on which the record was set
  • The character name of the player setting the record
  • A screenshot of the record (if possible, please simply attach the screenshot to your response, rather than using external sites)


Fort Battles:

  • Most Fort Battle Points (score) - KyleJames - Alamogordo - Proof - 129964
  • Most Dodges in Fort Battles
  • Most Dodges in a Fort Battle (1 specific report)
  • Highest Total Damage in Fort Battles
  • Highest Damage in a Fort Battle (1 specific report)
  • Most Fort Battles Completed - Deti - Alamogordo - 2215
  • Most Won Fort Battles - Deti - Alamogordo - 1421
  • Most Experience Points - KyleJames - Alamogordo - Proof - 355811579
  • Most Construction Points - oca21 - Alamogordo - Proof - 16804870
  • Highest Speed - QuentiDarK - Enewetak Proof - 1497 mph (37432%)
  • Highest Speed with buff - QuentiDarK - Enewetak Proof - 38976 mph (974406%)
  • Highest Distance Travelled by Donkey - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 1,100,116 miles
  • Most Xp from a Duel - OneTouch - Alamogordo - Proof - 15622 Exp
  • Most cash from a duel - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 5378$
  • Highest Hit in a Duel - mcmercy - Alamogordo Proof - 1006
  • Most damage dealt in a duel - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 2913
  • Most KOs - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 248
  • Most NPC Duel Wins - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 9874
  • Most Failed Duels - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 85
  • Most Duel Points - KyleJames - Alamogordo - Proof - 12487908
  • Most Duels completed - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 2204
  • Most Duel Wins - coltphoenix - Alamogordo - Proof - 20001
  • Best Duel Difference - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 236
  • Most Products Found in a Job
  • Most HP lost from Jobs - oldshatterhandjf - Alamogordo Proof - 4870
  • Most Cash from a Job report - OneTouch - Alamogordo - Proof - $4189
  • Most Experience from a Job report
  • Most Expensive Item from a Job report - Pankreas PorFavor - Alamogordo - Proof - $19635
  • Most Crafted Items in one go
  • Highest Number of Crafted Items - The-Iceman - Alamogordo - Proof - 423899
  • Most XP from a Crafting report
  • Most Crafting Points - NovemberRain - Alamogordo - Proof - 842
  • Most Adventures Won
  • Most KOs in Adventures - Cr-M - Alamogordo - Proof - 2566
  • Most Total Town Points - Lunatic City - Alamogordo - Proof - 417310
  • Most Total Town Points - City of Friends - Enewetak - Proof - 621121
  • Most Town Points
  • Most Fort Battle Points
  • Most Duel Points
  • Most Member Points

If you have any other difference records you would like to see, simply suggest them below and they may be added :). We are looking forward to seeing your records :)

NOTE: This is not a contest! There won't be any prizes for claiming records!

Have fun,
Your The West Team
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John Wick

Private First Class
I don't get it. Why you just dont watch the offical ranking?:huh:

Like kylejames should have 90% of the records in duels, EXP and probably fort battles aswell. This post is completely unnecessary. :hmf:
Maybe we should do something else? For example the Dueler of the Month/Year. Fort Fighter of the month/year. Town of the month/year etc. The idea of the last contest was a good one, even if it was a scam for all players involved, because players who pushed and let themselves be pushed have won it.:no: However, breaking old player records is impossible. But you can honor players who still actively participate.


Private First Class
A bit late but sounds good we used to have this records book on .net forums like 10 years ago. For the start you need to list the records which can be found from the rankings.

Also there can be some interesting records which still can be broken like highest value item drop from jobs, highest EXP from church or highest crit and non-crit shots in a fort battle(can be faked, im not sure if you can confirm them).

Also for job records you can create diff sections like highest cash/exp in 15 seconds, 10 mins and 1 hour.

And some of my claims:

Highest cash in a hour

[report=1279838679096f60267]Job report: Work as a Peace Officer[/report]

Highest exp in a duel
15622 exp

[report=134773739f4753cc11b]Duel: kylejames vs. OneTouch[/report]


Master Sergeant
John Wick you know that records can be broken? Look at olimpians then you have your answer too. Records are there to be broken. The moto is Strict Request :lol: :up:

It's not a criticism, it's a motivation, sorry John Wick
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Private First Class
Does support/admins has the power to restore reports that got lost when I didn't logged in here for a while ?
If yes then,
Most Experience from a Job report
[report=1217392526fb172b174]Job report: Build a Settlement[/report]
1350 exp from 15sec job

Al35ul CM

Shadow City Guardian
Former Team Member
Does support/admins has the power to restore reports that got lost when I didn't logged in here for a while ?
If yes then,
Most Experience from a Job report
[report=1217392526fb172b174]Job report: Build a Settlement[/report]
1350 exp from 15sec job
Unfortunately no :(. Once the reports have been deleted, we no longer have access to them.

black rider

Event weapons + extra speed gears(hawaiian, deputy and black friday) + dueller class bonus + speed premium and reskilled for horseback riding. Probably highest someone can get without playing with numbers.
Nice, I forrghet the speed from duellers class


Staff Sergeant
20% extra speed on the no buff one???
that means char premium is on.....so its buffed
so that makes the rest doubtfull too in my opinion
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