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The-West Beta Forum Story Contest


Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team
Dear cowboys and cowgirls! We like to invite everyone to have a seat with us next to a fireplace and told us an old tale... a story about a cowboy or cowgirl who once was a greenhorn on this prairie... and the hero or the heroine of this story is YOU! We are waiting for your refreshing story about your west achievements, your progress, how did you find your way to the west, what happened to you in your first days, did you made any friends or enemies on your journey, or anything west related story what you want to share with us!

Our contest will start on June 15th and will run until June 24th at 23:59 server time.

The rules of the contest are simple:

  • Your story needs to be at least 500 characters (or 10 sentences) long to participate in.
  • Your entry needs to cover the story of your game character. It can be real (i.e. a story of what your character has been through) or fictional.
  • You cannot name other players, towns, alliances (etc.) in your entry. Any references or allusions made to the ( but not limited to) the mentioned will result in disqualification from the contest.
  • Our game rules need to be respected, any breaking of the rules will result in the entry being disqualified from the contest
  • Alternatively to writing the story, you can create and post an illustration or you can share your story as a comic. In such a case, the minimum requirement is six panels.
As always, we like to honor your commitment, so be ready for our extravagant prices!

Picked at random from all eligible entries:

  • 1st Place: 1000 Nuggets + 200 Bonds+ 1 Medals Bag
  • 2nd Place: 500 Nuggets+ 150 Bonds + 1 Medals Bag
  • 3rd Place: 500 Nuggets +100 Bonds +1 Medals Bag
Picked at random from all eligible entries:

  • A classic avatar respective to your character class
Picked at random from all eligible entries with at least one eligible illustration/comic with at least six panels:

  • 2 items from the Creative Set of your choice
A Can of Spinach will be given out as a participation prize for all players who have taken part in our contest!

The Terms and Conditions for participating in contest can be found here

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message @Al35ul CM or @ChickenMcGuy.

Good luck & Have fun,

Your The West Team
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My journey to finding the west game would start when I became bored with elvenar. I curiously looked through the other games offered by the same company and something drew me to the west game. I started a character and for a couple of weeks there was some excitement of starting something new. Though as level ups took longer did start to lose interest.

One day after only logging into to queue jobs required by quests once a day, I came to the quest requiring an adventure. So began my journey into actually having interactions with fellow players, meaning of coarse being yelled at and being called noob. At the time over powered weapons such as deputy, union, or Lucille had not entered the scene. Spawn camping happened rarely compared to nowadays, so I did have better chances of learning than many new low levels do now.

After finding adventures and getting into them I became a daily player and actually received my first friend request from a fellow adventure player. By playing daily and being online in game I actually learned more about the game such as events and eventually finding fort battles. Fort battles is why I still play because as I found fort battles, adventures were becoming unplayable being the play ground of only a few players with level 3 deputy, union and Lucille weapons.

Now adventures are the most toxic part of the game, when they used to be the most entertaining part. Battles don’t have the same entertainment aspects as the adventures once did but they do have social aspect that makes them fun to work as a team.

Though fort battles are also going down an unfortunate path as well. If my experience with adventures has shown, enjoy while you can because nothing lasts forever no matter how much we want them to.

Does the west have a bright future, who knows, it is shrouded in fog of what might be coming. I will just enjoy the friends I have made along the way and ride till the toxicity can no longer be ignored.

Jeremih Johnson

The story of a lone cowboy
Howdy cowboys and cowgirls !
My story begins somewhere around 2008, when I was playing tribes, a video showing me this game The West, aroused an older passion for the Wild West.
I made an account and slowly I started to discover this game, evolving with my game and experience.
I started as an adventurer, I did all the possible missions, I collected everything I found, and at the maximum level, I chose to give the account to a young man who would later climb to the top of success.
After the first two years as an adventurer, I made another account and played as a soldier, enjoying the new game (the forts) until the period of giving up the game.
In the last year of my activity I played as a duelist and I paid some policies to so-called friends.
In 2019, after about 7 years since my last activity on this game, I came back, I chose the adventurer again because I enjoyed many beautiful moments with him.
When I came back I found some of my good friends, with whom I played from the beginning, but I also made many new friends, with some of them meeting at home at each or parties, vacations and others.
I had unique feelings when I won the first duel, or I found an aura, or a good item in the raffle, or a large amount of products. I was happy when I managed to break my record of missions ready in 7 months, I discovered various achievements, I won battles, newer adventures and many, many more. But the most important thing The West has given me is my friends.
I'm still waiting for a big up at the game, but until then I enjoy the church and achievements or events. Thank you friends ! Thanks staff! Thanks InnoGames!
Thanks The West!


Master Sergeant
My story was an interview on German Welt, how I started playing InnoGames The-West.

Players are helping

In conversation with BaggyBlue

BaggyBlue is an active player who also likes to help other players on the forum. We asked him some questions about the game.

TWTimes: How long have you been involved with The West?

BaggyBlue: I've been playing The West since October 2008.

TWTimes: How did you come across the game?

BaggyBlue: In OGame world 66 inngame friends drew my attention to it.

TWTimes: Which world did you start?

BaggyBlue: I started on world 2.

TWTimes: Since when are you playing the beta?

BaggyBlue: I came to the beta through a former player on German World 2. With effort and constant clicking, my login worked, because the beta only had a certain number of players. In 2009/2010 my registration was officially confirmed.

TWTimes: Does your player name have any meaning?

BaggyBlue: Yes it has. Once I was in Berlin after Christmas. And wore pants that were too tight. I went to a shop near the "Bahnhof Zoo" with a chat friend and found baggy jeans. I liked it and bought it. And it was blue. And that's how the name BaggyBlue was born.

TWTimes: Which worlds are you currently playing?

BaggyBlue: I play on German Georgia, Louisiana and Beta Alamogordo.

TWTimes: What else would you like to tell our readers?

BaggyBlue: Get involved in the forum, even if it's difficult, e.g. for someone like me as a dyslexic, you get teased about spelling mistakes in every forum. Have courage and join in and grit your teeth, even if it's very difficult. You're still being teased and criticized. Just ignore and go with it.

TWTimes: Thank you for the interview BaggyBlue. We wish that our players understand your situation. Most of them know you and appreciate your willingness to help.


My story with this game begins as early as the end of 2009, this was the first time I think when I was in contact with the game, but I play seriously this game since 2011. Since then I've never left the game for more than 1 week or two because of a vacation where I could not log into the game.
What can I say? For me, it was an incredible experience, that I hope will never end. I was 11-12 years old when I started to play seriously in 2011, and here I am now at 22 almost 23 still playing this. It is almost incredible to think that this game was part of my daily schedule almost half of my life.
I remember that back then, maybe because I was so little in age, everything seemed very very hard to do for me. Back then, an item like "Belle Stars Derringer" would have made me happier beyond reason. I did not have much back then, but there were a lot of players, duelling , fort battles were so interesting back then. I remember that I even started an alliance, and I was so so happy that in time I was able to get to join my alliance one of the best players in that world. It was such an honour for me back then. I remember the first tombola, the Christmas one. The game was very very nice for a very long period of time and it still is for me and other old-schoolers. Although it has lost a bit of steam in the last years, I really hope that this game endures some years into the future because it is very much a part of my daily routine now :) .


Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team
First of all, thank you to everyone taking part in our contest! We got some really great comics and stories, we loved to read them all!
Now time to announce our winners!

Picked at random from all eligible entries:

1st Place: 1000 Nuggets + 200 Bonds+ 1 Medals Bag @Jeremiah Johnson
2nd Place: 500 Nuggets+ 150 Bonds + 1 Medals Bag @BaggyBlue
3rd Place: 500 Nuggets +100 Bonds +1 Medals Bag @MeadowofAsh

Picked at random from all eligible entries:

A classic avatar respective to your character class @Jeremih Johnson

Picked at random from all eligible entries with at least one eligible illustration/comic with at least six panels:

2 items from the Creative Set of your choice @Rocket.

To collect your rewards, please send us a support ticket with the "Forum Story Contest" subject and mention in your ticket, where you want to receive your prize.