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Contest The mischievous leprechaun ☘️

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The West Team
Howdy Cowgirls & Cowboys,

we have prepared a new contest for you! :)


Heisenzwerg came to visit Henry and together they have "tasted" too much Irish whiskey.
While they were asleep, a leprechaun stole Henry's lucky clover and hid it somewhere around the Forum.
Just to cause mischief, he also scattered 9 other different clovers.
Henry just noticed that his lucky clover is missing.

He knows that you are an experienced tracker and he is asking for your help.
Can you help Henry find it? He will surely reward you.

Also, the sneaky leprechaun had another trick up his sleeve.
Find out the secret password and he will share some of his fortune with you.


The contest has 2 parts:

Part I
Search the forum, find Henry's lucky clover
and share it's location in this thread.
Link or screenshot are accepted.
All valid replies will enter the draw for Part I rewards.

Part II
Pay close attention to other clovers, they might offer hints that will lead you to the secret password.
If you find what that is, post the password here and you will be guaranteed a random reward from Part II rewards.

Reply to this thread by March 12th, at 11:59 p.m. (CET) for the chances to win:


Part I -

1st place: 450 Nuggets + 600 Bonds + 10 St. Patrick golden clover
2nd place: 300 Nuggets + 500 Bonds + 8 St. Patrick golden clover
3rd place: 250 Nuggets + 400 Bonds + 7 St. Patrick golden clover

Part II -

Random reward:
Fortune cookies;
SHOP items;
Bonus medals;
Event items from previous years.

All participants (even if you got it wrong):

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message @Loki or @ChickenMcGuy.
Do not forget to share your feedback!

Yours sincerely,
Community Manager

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
PART 1 FIND HENRYS LUCKY CLOVER - IMG_20230306_202013.jpg

PART 2 SECRET PASSWORD - GREEN BEER. I found on the page Easter showdown 2017 missing tombola weapons , the way I found it is this:

Found 4 clovers with the clue Keep on searching! Found a clover with a clue "Report a bug" , found a clover with a clue "Bug Archive" , found a clover with the clue "Page 2" , found a clover with the clue "Easter showdown" and found the secret password which was on Easter showdown 2017 missing tombola weapons which had the clue or rather the secret password "Green Beer" ( btw I found the password before you added "Password:" before the word so, style points for me:no::dastardly: )

I would like to thank my mom who always believed in me , my dream is coming true of becoming one of the best detectives in Texas.
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Private First Class
1 found in

Changelog 2.193 - Discussion in Loki's post​

1 found in

Christmas Suggestion under​

Uchiha Madara's 1st post​

1 found in

25% potion problem under​

Football's post from​

1 found in
  • Waupee needs your help! - Feedback under Loki's 1st post

    1 found in​

    Valentine's Day Event 2023 under loki's post

    1 found in

    World 1 (Alamogordo)​

    Experience Boosts​

    under whynot's post on page 2​



Part 1 is easy (found before the hints) : Henry needs to ask his lucky clover back to Diggo11 - Question: is my question a question?

But Part 2 ?! I found 7 other clovers, all 1678563207500.pngones

Christmas SuggestionUchiha MadaraIf you don't have any plans of making a horse saddle that is better than Murrieta but a bit worse than John Astor then I suggest to implement this idea.
25% potion problemFootballThese items are AWESOME!
Changelog 2.193 - DiscussionLokiYours sincerely, Loki Community Manager
Changelog 2.193LokiPlease keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.
Experience BoostsWhyN0tMaybe InnoGames doesn't want people spending their precious time doing 15 sec jobs.
Waupee needs your help! - FeedbackLokiYours sincerely, Loki Community Manager
Valentine's Day Event 2023LokiAre you able to find him?

Wonder during days how to use all that.

OMG ! Here the 9th one ! Easter Showdown 2017 - Missing Tombola Weapons


Thanks for the hints, because I was really in the mist !


The West Team
Howdy Cowgirls & Cowboys,

thank you all for participating! :up:
The Part I winners are:
1st place: @Uchiha Madara
2nd place: @Mysehra
rd place:

Part II winners are:
@MeadowofAsh : 200 Bonds.
@D0z3r : 3x Medals bag.
@carolosjk : 5x Mate tea.
@Uchiha Madara : 3x Fortune cookies.
@oldshatterhandjf : 5x Ratatouille with fish.
@Mono : 3x Fortune cookies.
@Mysehra : 200 Bonds.

All participants:

To claim your rewards, you must send a ticket through Support (Category: Events).
See you next time!

Yours sincerely,
Community Manager
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