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Event Gift Hunt


The West Team
The year is almost over and it is time for the holiday time preparation. Everyone is trying to pick up the best gifts for their family and friends. We also have a gift for you!
We have prepared a traditional gift hunt event, where you can find hidden gifts.
The Gift Hunt event will run from December 4th until January 2nd 23:59. During that time, you will have the chance to find up to 120 rare holiday gifts while doing jobs on the map. All you need is a little luck. Inside those very special red boxes, you will find small prizes (one in every box) which may make your life during the winter time easier. So, keep your eyes open!
In some boxes, the gifts you get will be new quest items.
This is what they look like:
  • Henry's name
  • Maya's name
  • Waupee's name
  • John's name

You will need them to start and finish four new repeatable quests. After getting three quest items of the same kind, head on to the saloon and talk to the respective character to start the quest. You will be asked to complete some activities as well as collect three more quest items of the same kind as before to complete the quest successfully. So, in total you need six to complete the quest. It pays off as - in addition to another rewards - you get a free skill point!
If you are lucky enough to find the three quest items once more, you can do the quest again, but the skill point is only there the first time you complete the quest. On the other hand, you will not need to collect the quest items again - unlike the first time you complete the quest, you only need three in total.

The red box can also contain a yellow box with a collection card. For getting all the colorful gift collecting cards you will be rewarded with an achievement: "All gifts have been beautifully decorated!"
Collect all 120 holiday gifts in order to receive an achievement: "All the gifts in the world!"

Have fun and see you in the game!
Your The West Team