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fort battle sector bonus


Lance Corporal
so i realized it multiple times and now again, when I and someone else move somewhere in attack (from one sector to another) the bonus sector damage isnt working, when we stand still, hits are around 1600, when we moved it was 1200, so i am just curious if it is supposed to work like that or what is that about

Richard Maverick

Lance Corporal
Maybe the player who give that bonus moves before you, so keeps you without bonus.

The best way is to keep the giving bonus players as a low class in the battle, so they move the latest


Lance Corporal
yeah but you shoot first before moving in the fort battle, so it doesnt make any sense


Lance Corporal
im not quite sure, but do all attackers shoot and then move one by one, or do they shoot and then immediately move, then another attacker shoots and moves and so on?