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  1. Answered Quest "The day laborer"

    Hi, on Amchitka I nearly completed that quest line still with TW 2.03 - I'm only missing id: 886 - Irrigation This quest doesn't show up anymore, although the job for it is level 11 and I'm 33 now. Are there any other/new requirements or is it a bug? (Since so many quests have changed, I...
  2. Answered Birthday quest

    What are the requirements to get the quest. is there a minimum level- og some other quests that needs to be done first ? Some of my low level friends - does not get the quest in the saloon.
  3. Answered Questline "The holiday spook"

    Hi, i have a little problem. I started playing three days ago and in that time was the quest avalible. I tried to get all products and i thought that it will be available throughout December. I already have done four quests and i would like to complete the whole questline. Please give me one...
  4. West 2.0 quests and experience

    As far as I know, there are many hundreds of people stuck around level 9-10. Including me. There was always active quest, so I was leveling quickly, until now. I got 2 very hard quests: Fire Heart(Turkey) and The cattle herd(repair fences)... I am far from being able to do them, need at least 3...