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Contest Waupee needs your help!

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The West Team
Howdy Cowgirls & Cowboys,

we have prepared a new contest for you! :)


Our beloved native American quest giver, Waupee, needs your help.
"You know that I am a shy guy and I spend so much time in the saloon that I do not get to meet many ladies.
Can you make some Valentine's messages for me?

If you will help him find love, he promises to reward you with his most cherished assets:



You have 2 ways of entering the contest:

1) Draw/manipulate (edit) a Valentine's Day card.
Must be The West themed (using at least 3 elements from the game).

2) Write a Valentine's Day poem.
Must be The West themed.

Reply to this thread by February 26th, at 11:59 p.m. (CET) for the chances to win:


1st place: 2 Fancy Waupee's items + 350 Nuggets + 200 Bonds
2nd place: 2 Fancy Waupee's items + 250 Nuggets + 200 Bonds
3rd place: 2 Fancy Waupee's items + 150 Nuggets + 200 Bonds
4th place: 2 Fancy Waupee's items + 200 Bonds
5th place: 2 Fancy Waupee's items + 200 Bonds

: all participants, with a valid entry, will be entered in a random draw for the chance to win 1x Old Avatar.
All participants (even if you got it wrong):

The winners of the "Fancy Waupee's" items get to choose their items.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to message @Loki or @ChickenMcGuy.
Do not forget to share your feedback!

Yours sincerely,
Community Manager


Private First Class
In a dusty saloon, my heart did stop,
When I saw you, my love, my heart did hop.
Like cowboys in a fort fight, my heart raced,
And from that moment on, I was love-laced.

Your beauty, like the prairie, took my breath,
And like a bandit, you stole my heart with theft.
Our love is wild, like the west itself,
And I'll protect it like a cowboy's wealth.

So on this day of love, I pledge to you,
That my love for you will always ring true.
Like a cowboy needs his trusty steed,
I'll be by your side, in love, indeed.


In the dusty old saloon of the west,
Where cowboys would come and take a rest,
There worked a man by name of Henry Walker,
A barkeeper who'd pour the drinks, no stalker.

One day walked in a man from the plains,
Waupee, an Indian with no disdain,
He came for a drink, and to Henry he spoke,
In a voice so deep, like the old oak.

And in came a woman, Maya Roalstad,
With a bouquet of flowers, and fancy jewelry, how rad,
It was Valentine's Day, the town knew well,
And love was in the air, with its own sweet smell.

John Fitzburn, the sheriff, watched with a grin,
As Maya came in, and Waupee's heart did spin,
He had a crush, so obvious and clear,
For Maya, the belle of the ball, so dear.

The night went on, with music and dance,
And as the fire roared, Waupee took his chance,
He asked Maya to dance, and she said yes,
Her heart full of love, no need to guess.

As they danced, Henry watched with pride,
For love knows no bounds, not even a divide,
Between races and cultures, it can ignite,
A flame so bright, like the stars in the night.

And so, that Valentine's Day,
Brought love to a town in the old west way,
Waupee and Maya, with fancy jewelry and a bouquet,
Found love in a saloon, in an unexpected way.

Uchiha Madara

Master Sergeant
Out on the prairie, under a starry sky, There's a girl who makes my heart fly, Maya Roalstad, with hair like gold, She's the one my heart wants to hold.

With a smile that lights up the western land, She's the cowgirl of my heart's demand, With eyes like bluebonnets, deep and bright, She's the girl who makes my heart take flight.

She's got a heart as big as Texas, And a spirit that's never restless, She's the kind of girl who makes life grand, The kind of girl you want to take by the hand.

Maya Roalstad, my valentine, I'll be yours until the end of time, In this wild west, where love is rare, You're the one I want to hold and care.

So let's saddle up and ride together, Through the valleys and the mountain heather, With you by my side, I'll feel complete, My love for you, it can't be beat.​


Master Sergeant

I will send you red Roses Maria Roalstad
sweetly fragrant and beautiful,
they should delight your heart,
even if snowflakes are still blowing outside.

When the ice flowers bloom at the window,
the winter, we don't care
I send you Maria Roalstad roses for Valentine's Day,
and add a lovely poem.

Line by line should tell you
I love you Maria Roalstad, forever
Spring lasts even on cold days,
Warmth in our interior ready!

Your secret admirer bartender Henry Walker bouquet.png
Roses are red
Maya is blue.
Waupee is drunk
and John is too.

She wanted a party
with gifts all around.
Now she has to clean up
from the bums that abound

She works hard for Henry
it's his bar as you know.
But day after day
she thinks she should go.

She's tired of waiting
for changes to come.
She know that the powers
will only fix some.


Private First Class
The saloon was decorated with hearts and lace,
As couples sipped whiskey in a warm embrace,
A cowboy would sing a romantic ballad,
And his love would blush, feeling ever so glad.

The town was alive with the sound of love,
As couples strolled under the stars above,
Holding hands, they walked down Main Street,
A memory that would forever be sweet.

A cowboy would woo his love with a poem,
Declaring his love like a true gentleman,
His love would smile and blush with delight,
As he held her close in the moonlit night.

A cowgirl would give her cowboy a handmade card,
Filled with words of love that she worked so hard,
He'd kiss her hand and whisper in her ear,
That she was his forever, his dear.


Private First Class
In The West where the winds blow free,
Waupee seeks love but finds no key,
He roams the prairies with a heavy heart,
Looking for someone to share his part.

One day he met Maria in a saloon,
Her beauty shone like the brightest moon,
He offered her a bouquet of roses so fair,
Hoping to win her heart with love and care.

But Maria's eyes were fixed on Henry,
Waupee knew he had lost his entry,
He drowned his sorrows in the whiskey glass,
And watched Maria and Henry dance with class.

Suddenly, Sheriff John stormed in the place,
Said, "Ladies, it's Valentine's Day, let's embrace!"
Waupee watched them all enjoy the night,
And realized he was not meant to be Maria's knight.

He left the saloon with a heavy heart,
Wondering when his love life will start,
He picked a flower from a nearby bush,
And thought of Maria, with heart still in a rush.

As he rode off into the sunset's hue,
He wished Maria and Henry a love so true,
For sometimes, love is not meant to be,
But Waupee knew he could still be happy and free.

Not everyone has a happy ending,
But until next year's Valentine,
With his big heart he'll meet the one.
And will propose her with a diamond ring.


Private First Class
Love is in the air
Seemingly no time to spare
Waupee spreads petals with care
Must hurry as dinner needs prepared

Waupee sets the table
Lights the candles
Almost forgot the ladle
Stands back to observe the angles

The scene is set
As there appears a silhouette
No time to sweat
Waupee signals the quartet

It's Kiki, the woman of disguises
Eyes widen with surprise
Offers her a chair
She sits with flare

The scene fades out
The outcome in doubt
With love in the air
We send hope with a prayer


In the West where the winds do blow,
Waupee seeks love, but where to go?
He wanders lonely through the town,
And hopes to find his love unbound.

Maria is the name he seeks,
A maiden fair with rosy cheeks,
He gathers up a bouquet bright,
Of roses red and purest white.

He enters in the saloon that day,
Where Barman Henry serves his tray,
And there he sees his love so fair,
The one with whom he longs to share.

But Sheriff John is also there,
To keep the peace and show his care,
So Waupee must be sly and quick,
To woo his love with a Valentine's trick.

He takes the roses from his hand,
And offers them to Maria grand,
The ladies in the saloon all sigh,
As Waupee's love comes nigh. With

Valentine's Day in full bloom,
Waupee finds love in the saloon,
And Sheriff John lets love take flight,
As Waupee and Maria unite.




The west wind blows.
The west wind
through the open window,
turning the pages of the open book.
As if to read itself.
The varnish on the oars
dries quicker now
and at least one fly
always gets stuck
in the hardening clear surface.
Like a question
from a crystal-clear, empty and nocturnal space.
And the book reads itself
not without afterthoughts.


In the saloon of the old west,
Waupee stood, shy and distressed.
He longed to find a lady fair,
But fear and nerves left him unaware.

He watched as the cowboys laughed and flirted,
His own shyness left him deserted.
But then he saw a girl so kind,
Whose beauty left him in a bind.

He approached her with a nervous grin,
But stumbled over his words within.
She sensed his shyness and took his hand,
Offering a massage so grand.

Her hands were strong, yet gentle too,
And with each touch, his nerves withdrew.
As she worked, he felt his confidence grow,
And soon his shyness began to go.

With newfound courage, he spoke with ease,
And soon his charming ways did please.
The girl smiled and said with glee,
"You're no longer the shy one, but a true gentleman to me."

Waupee had found love in the saloon,
All thanks to the girl who helped him bloom.
Now he dances with her by his side,
Grateful for her touch that gave him his stride.


The West Team
Howdy Cowgirls & Cowboys,

thank you all for participating! :up:
The winners are:
1st place: @BaggyBlue
2nd place: @Trowtag
rd place:
th place: @oldshatterhandjf
th place: @MeadowofAsh

BONUS draw: @carolosjk


The winners of the "Fancy Waupee's" items get to choose their items.

To claim your rewards, you must send a ticket through Support (Category: Events).

See you next time!

Yours sincerely,
Community Manager
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