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Contest Lassoed Letters

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1. kiki 2. blacksmith 3. charisma 4.henry 5. tent 6. adventures 7. lasso 8. mustang 9. automation 10. stetson


Private First Class
2. He specialises in working metal. Blacksmith1. Drama Queen. Kiki or Mimi or Lili
5. You can sleep wherever you are on the map. Tent3. Determines your personality. Charisma
6. "Let's get going!" Adventures4. Western Saloonkeeper. Henry
7. Cowboy's Rope. Lasso5. Increases your resistance against melee weapons in duels. Toughness
9. You can place up to 9 jobs in your work queue. Automation8. Small Wild Horse (112% speed). Mustang
10. Western Headwear. Stetson


Private First Class
2. Blacksmith1. Lili
5. Tent3. Charisma
6. Go to a party4. Henry
7. Lasso5. Toughness
9. Automation8. Mustang
10. Stetson


Tombstone Sole Survivor
The West Team
Howdy Cowgirls & Cowboys,

thank you all for participating! :up:

The winners are:

1st place: @Heavy and metal

2nd place: @Cr-M
3rd place: @boot
4th place: @HelenBack
5th place: @Mysehra

Old avatar: @Heavy and metal

All participants:

To claim your rewards, you must send a ticket through Support (Category: Events).

See you next time!
Not open for further replies.