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It looks like a new quest series, but, so far I knew, there isn't a lot knew about that quest :d


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was also available on beta for few hours before players were protesting, so devs removed it.

Das Dee

Only to clarify:

This was an advertisement for a film. As reward you got the hat. There was a second quest - for the film "cowboys & aliens"...

AFAIK - only in germany.

the simmies

I get that hat...

What 'second quest' ? That coming soon or what...? :confused:
That was a quest because of the movie mentioned in your quote. It was available on the German worlds, i heard. It will not be coming to you server, as the movie is already gone from the cinema's.


i got it also, was in our county

must watch a video and gives the hat

alien skin is a photoshop plugin, i guess, so nothing to do with cowboys and aliens


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Yang hat was a gift for the people that got to see the trailer of a samurai movie. It was just for .de worlds but it opened for a few hours on beta.

Alien Skin and Alien weapon where gifts for the promotion of the movie Cowboys and Aliens on the .de servers (and .ru too i think).

Unfortunately those things can only be available locally since they are payed advertisements by the companies.

Last year the .de servers got a newspaper from a code on a magazine. This year they can get the typewriter in some way i don´t know.
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