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Winter event 2020 discussion


How come you can't send a a message to all players on the betas saying that it is not fixed yet
How come you never forget to send one regarding shop sales?
I suspect that you leave it deliberately, so you can reap the benefits from players getting frustrated chasing the blankets on hundreds of 15 second jobs to no avail
In the meantime the saloon chat gets clogged up with hundreds of messages asking if, or when it will be fixed and they never get a reply from the Community Manager
Personally I find that despicable
quoto in all respects


Private First Class
never ever is or has been any reporting of bugs been made
always days later, they will answer it, not even giving out the info themselves only if you ask for it.
they even could make an ingame announcement like they do with events or stuff.
or even with a message pre-loading the game.
but like always.... too freaking lazy to do the thing they have for the job they applied for themselves.

never any action.... only a reaction....sometimes. real pathetic behaviour for people that should be running the game.
and always the explanation they are working behind the scenes..
they don't do crap..... that's the fact
after 10 or so click events... and you still can't imply it in the game perfectly??? then what the hell are you doing on that position.. go sweep the floor or something, like the idiot you are. cause learning is not one of your qualities


Well, drop rate truly sucks. It's about %5 and to get all, gotta invest about 10 hours of clicking 15 seconds.
That's messed up.

I mean.. Events are supposed to entertain the players.. not torture.
But drop rate suck, quest rewards suck.. Whats there to entertain us? 2012/3 chests which we got many times during last year(s) ?! Or highest drop rate quest items? (http://prntscr.com/qwid4g Better than nothing but... Does it worth the time spend?!)

It's mind blowing that how this game doesn't have any QA at all.
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So staff, have you solved the problem of blankets not found? In the regular worlds everything works.
I have also reported the malfunction of the event of hearts, but you have not yet remedied the situation.
Come on developers don't sleep.

Snr Sarg

Lance Corporal
Now the blankets have been fixed, I've been able to complete the quest line, but now I have, can somebody please explain to me what the flipping point in giving an additional Snowman's Hat is? It can't be sold, it can't be upgraded, just a waste of space, wtf are InnoGames's devs thinking???


What they only think is, make money (and to keep us extremely busy with things like these)

2 click click events within a month, extremely low drop ratios for Event item (icicles etc) and its "useful" drops (https://tw-calc.net/chest/51858000) & of course useless (BUGGY) quests that don't worth the time spent.

Oh.. let's sell those event items on UP shop too..
And while at it, let's sell some extremely pricy Nugget sets (2 being ex-Event sets even!)
Because why the hell not!

Can't even get the Avatars right. You kiddin me?!

Then some people complains of why some people complains.
Utter disrespect to players (oh, customers, sorry!) , that's why.
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