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Winter event 2020 discussion


is it possible that there is still a bug? I've been working as a trader for several hours but I can't find the blankets: Please let me know something.


The West Team
I don't think anything changed, it requires the wrong quest to find them, so people with that quest accepted can find them.


Was supposed to be yday even.
Postponed to today for "Technical reasons"

Can't even manage to get a simple quest drop requirements right. Pity.


Leones writes
t should work when the quest is available on live.

Could you please clarify? I have one quest accepted and that is for blankets. What is the wrong quest that is being discussed?
also be nice to clarify if it should work HERE in beta, or just in the other worlds. [as it wouldn't be the first time a glitched quest was fixed for release before beta got the fix]


Today I worked for 6 hours in trading and found no blankets.
So you decide to seriously check why the quest is not working well?
This bug that cannot be corrected begins to be ridiculous.


Staff Sergeant
How come you can't send a a message to all players on the betas saying that it is not fixed yet
How come you never forget to send one regarding shop sales?
I suspect that you leave it deliberately, so you can reap the benefits from players getting frustrated chasing the blankets on hundreds of 15 second jobs to no avail
In the meantime the saloon chat gets clogged up with hundreds of messages asking if, or when it will be fixed and they never get a reply from the Community Manager
Personally I find that despicable