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why key 1 and key 2 aren't auctionable?

Discussion in 'Questions' started by rikitubo, Mar 3, 2011.

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  1. rikitubo

    rikitubo Guest

    why I can't sell or buy key 1 or key 2 ? If someone did a wrong decision in raid what can do in future to have the golden set?
  2. Al3x

    Al3x Private

    Aug 20, 2009
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    nothing.Absoluty nothing.
  3. mennik

    mennik Sergeant

    May 3, 2010
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    its logic this way you can't cheat so if you find key 3 and ask your buddy's for help this is not possible this way
    Last edited: Aug 30, 2011
  4. rikitubo

    rikitubo Guest

    but if I find key 3 and sell this key to my buddy this is not cheat?
    I think it's logic that or all key are audictionable or none.

    if I couldn't have key 2 for a wrong decision,I wish sell key 1 for thousands dollars...

    the same did with note for hernando's sword and also this sword is audictionale,the golden gun not....
    all note are audictionable if I good remember (i doubt in note 3)
  5. Ara

    Ara Guest

    Your decision was wrong, your problem. -These whining Threads are very usefull.
    If the 1st and the 2nd key would be auctionable, it would be possible to have the golden gun several times.
  6. rikitubo

    rikitubo Guest

    this is not true because you can do the quest line only 1 time...as for christmas/easter/s.valentine quests or the quest for golden colt or golden sabre...
    if I did a wrong decision for key 2 I wish sell key 1 for thousands dollars but can't

    ps.:I not did a wrong decision,I wait only that they solve the bug in raid mission...but I am curious..
  7. killado

    killado Staff Sergeant

    Feb 22, 2011
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    Main Server:
    All the auctionable itens you can get multiple times... key 1 and key 2 can only be got once.
    Everything that you can only find once is not auctionable. That is why they arenĀ“t auctionable... because that would get some people to get multiple accounts.
  8. florineatzaa

    florineatzaa Guest

    who do you think will make an account lvl 80 perhaps,to get the first and second key?Who will work to an account that much,without beeing catched and banned?Anyway altough it doesn't matter i agree with the proposal for the other 2 keys to be auctionable.Either you make all 3 auctionable either none.Maybe some people,like mysefl got the wrong decision before golden gun was implemented.I was fascinated by the walking stick at that time and i did not know that instead of that crappy item i could get a hell of a fort gun.
  9. klondike

    klondike Guest

    because "QUEST ONLY" items are NOT sellable.

    Yes, Hernando's / Bella starr are sellable, but they also can be found as lucky drops / fort finds.
  10. About all this, sell or not on marked, if not do right quests.. Cose 'sell if like cheeting', some said..
    I will claim, whitout mods, and realy cheeters, no one had ever found as exampel Hernandos, do right questline, and be on right servertime, right equiped at that time.. ( it was sheriff, mod in w1 se, uploded, hint, you-tube clip ifirst of all) september same year I was one of first on w8.net to get it.. but for all not play whit swedish(or whatever server you play)mods, it's impossible for ppl to get Hernandos, or GG, ..
    Thats what I think ppl mean is unfair.. If you not know the right ppl, at right time.. you do wrong dessission, and will be 'smoked' for rest of game.. Then ppl get tired of game, and stop play..
    So NO WAY, any player would achived Hernandos, or GG, whithout help from mods/ppl involved in game...So STOP some from getting things, choosen wrong Q-line, is unfair(make it harder for them, more things to do, that would be OK..)
    Last edited by a moderator: Apr 8, 2011