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What to do with Bonds?


Master Sergeant
Soo xmas is near but I don't really see where I can spend my Bonds as a Tank.. Since DotD sets were ripped off from xmas bags and other sets ain't that hard to get..
As it happens.. 2020 DotD had the best Tanky set to date... Apart from the best Building set.

Sure get some items, make some money but.. At some point you no longer need that.
Shop items are no longer needed at some point either. At least not to spend 5-10k bonds.

I just don't know why InnoGames doesn't just make them usable for some Events or other stuff.
Idk, for Bribes, new Cards, Chests, u name it. Win-win anyhow ..
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I dont see many (if any?) desirable items in 2020 packs at least since there are no cortina or cortez. If you are damager with upgraded captain or fort fighting tank think it almost makes more sense to go for 2019 packs with your 3000 free bonds and just save envelopes. You will end up with best duel sets (Cowgirl, Highlander, Vaquero) and really good fort fighting gear (Livingston + Phoebe). And there are always high amount of berrypickers selling their 2020 items on sale during Christmas really easy to get items you might miss from e.g captain set
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So yeah, don't really need them for anything if you aren't a FF Damager or Dueler. (Well, Damagers already got their +3 stuff)

Even if you were, I bet market will over-flood in active servers..

I guess get the 'free' 3k bonds outta way like you said and hope for InnoGames to make Bonds useful in 2021... where we will have over 10k.

I know ppl who did the same for 2020 xmas though.. so they have Like 15-20k right now.