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Sale Western Friday sale


The West Team

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Thanksgiving is over and we would like to continue being thankful to all our players.

To celebrate this we will offer you a 40% discount on all regular shop items, like buffs or chests that you can find in the shop every day. The discount will be available for 24 hours from November 23rd 08:00 until November 24th 07:59.

This year we have prepared a lot more for you. On the special sale tab you may find old sale items with a 20% discount. This tab will be available for 24 hours from November 23rd 08:00 until November 24th 07:59.

As a part of this sale you can also find new chests with Western Friday items.

If you wear all items of Western Friday, you will receive a set bonus:

+0,06 strength (per level)
+0,06 mobility (per level)
+0,06 dexterity (per level)
+0,06 charisma (per level)
+0,8 construction (per level)
+0,7 stamina (per level)
+0,8 horseback riding (per level)
+0,7 swimming (per level)
+0,8 shooting (per level)
+0,7 repairing (per level)
+0,8 leadership (per level)
+0,7 appearance (per level)
+150 labor points
+30% more experience from jobs, duels and fort battle
+30% more money from jobs and duels

Check what else you can find in the chests:

Contains the Western Friday bow tie, Western Friday hat, Premium Chest and, 2 x Pudding with orange and 50 Bonds.

Contains the Western Friday belt, Western Friday pants, 2 x premium chest, Energy box, 2 x Wild west chili and 500 Bonds.

Contains the Western Friday derby shoes, Western Friday jacket, 3 x Premium Chest, 2 x First Aid kid, 2 x Ratatouille with fish and 1000 Bonds.

And this is not the end of the surprises. At the market, in every world you will be able to find special auctions with unique items! Perhaps you will find

Note: The auctions are limited. Auctions will start at some point on the 23rd.
There are two unique items for each world. The unique items on worlds may be different.

Have a lot of fun!
Your The West Team