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West Point: Repeatable letter doesn´t drop


Staff Sergeant
Game version: 2,57 Beta revision fbe3282 (30/06/2017 14:01:17)
Game world:Alamogordo
Browser + version: Opera 46
Account name: Killado

Reproducibility: 5/5
Quest title: West point Repeatable (between July,1 and July, 15)

Current situation:
On the quest 2503 - Enemies, from the West point repeatable questline, it asks for dropping the Letter From Washington.

Expected situation:
Doing the Pony-Express job should drop the letter, even that it could not drop on the 4 hours, with over 100 jobs made, couldn´t got it.

Reproduction Steps
Accepting the quest on the Riverbed
2. Doing over 100 times the Pony-express job
3. Got some horns.


Former Team Member
It was apparently available until the 15.07.2017, you may be able to finish the questline if you had accepted it before then, however, I'm not sure :)