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We're going on an adventure!


The West Team
Dev Team
The town of Tombstone is waiting. Its hardscrabble silver mines have brought a steady trickle of hopeful diggers for the past few years. Some got lucky, some haven’t yet. But there is silver, and where there is silver, there’s money. And where there is money there’s trouble.

Saloons litter the town, filling thirsty men with liquor. Card tables are plenty, and the Bird Cage Theatre is packed most nights. There are things for the working men to do with their money, and there are always men looking to take it from them. The town added a couple of deputies recently, to help with the growing rustling problem. The cattle thieves are known to the marshal, but that hasn’t seemed to have stopped them. It’s been getting worse. Now the marshal and his crew have been rolling around town, flashing their badges, talking up a fight. The people of Tombstone close their shutters earlier these days; check their locks twice.

Today, word is, the Cook gang will show up, and they won’t be here for the whiskey. The streets are empty and the town holds its breath. There’s a gunfight coming.

Adventures are here!

At long last, a key peg of the roadmap is here... the secret "MPI" curtain has been drawn back and adventures lay behind it. Join the fight between the Cook and Dalton gangs, red vs blue, who wins is up to you! Begone top down view, hello isometric! Destroy your opponents and enjoy the all new graphics while you do it. It's the biggest addition to the game since the introduction of fort battles \o/

All adventures start with but a single step. Yours is here:

Feedback Thread: http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?t=2546
How To Play: http://forum.beta.the-west.net/showthread.php?p=29142#post29142
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There will be was a small update containing several fixes which should further increase server stability.

Apart from those, there are following changes regarding adventures:
  • inventory is being updated when a lootchest has been won
  • the shop has a Veteran Shop banner where you can find all available items for veteran points. This shop tab also shows you the amount of points you have.
  • when a player leaves while in a lobby, the other players get informed about who left.
  • your team's domination score is now also always on the right left side of the round-counter.

We also hope that we found all issues connected to the Barrelroll-Ability (which has been deactivated for the last 2 days). We'll continue to monitor the servers and act if necessary.
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The veteran shop issue (veteran points showing NaN after buy) has been resolved.


We will rollout rolled out an update today which contains the following changes and additions:

  • General
    • added possibility to create gangs to play with friends
    • added possibility to invite other people into a game or gang
    • added possibility to intivte friends via friendsbar to an adventure
    • added disconnection icon when a player disconnects in a running game
  • Matchmaking
    • team assignment has been tweaked with the goal to have fairer ones
    • players are put back into queue when another player leaves
    • players who leave a matchmaking lobby or ragequit during game are blocked from adventures for an increasing amout of time
    • the gamelobby shows the countdown more prominently and the ready-checkbox has been removed
    • the number of players in queue has been removed
  • Fixes
    • veteran shop should now display the veteran items again
    • desktop notifications are now closed as soon as browser gets focused
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We disabled gang-queue as it significantly increased queue-times. We're working on resolving the issues related to it.


  • Ability rebalancing:
    • Snare: Increased range to 8 (was: 3)
    • Area Heal: Decreased cost to 1 (was: 2)
    • Eagle Eye: Increased hit chance buff to 50% (was: 25%), crit chance buff to 20% (was: 10%)
    • Inspire: Reduced cooldown to 1 round (was: 3)
  • Pre-game ready dialog now includes team size and number of people (and the dialog doesn't lock the entire screen anymore once you confirm U're ready ;) )
  • Redesigned the game lobby
  • Added two awesome "game ready" sounds
  • Disabled friendly fire for Quick Shot
  • Fort battle button in the bottom bar now allows you to choose between Adventures and fort battles
  • Fix: Using the ability shortcuts during placement phase results in JS error
  • Fix: Placement phase timer is sometimes displayed incorrectly
  • Connection state (disconnected, left, idle-kicked) is now displayed in team list
  • "Stage unlocked" banner is no longer shown during the game


  • Balanced Adventure rewards (increased veteran points cost of XP potion and loot chest)
  • UI: Reworked top bar
  • UI: Reworked domination zone icons
  • UI: Improved ability damage display
  • UI: Reworked matchmaking interface
  • UI: Display own abilities in timeline more prominently
  • UI: Display notification when a player gets knocked out
  • Added an Adventures quest line ("Tombstone Ruckus")
  • Prevent joining a game that belongs to a different world
  • Improved (re)connection handling
  • Tombstone can now be found on the game map!
  • Alliances without a founder town are now able to claim the founder rank


  • Several bug fixes related to Barrel roll
  • Several frontend bug fixes ("black error screen")
  • The loot chest is only rewarded with a 20% chance (for each individual player)
  • Slightly shrinked domination zone icons
  • "Planning Phase" banner disappears after two seconds
  • Fix: Abilities that target dead players and therefore aren't executed no longer get stuck in the timeline
  • Rush on Tombstone now has a proper cursor icon on the minimap