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Valentine's Day Event Feedback Thread


I think it could be better idea to get 10 hearts when friend sends you and get 10 hearts when you send to someone, that way something is motivating you to send hearts.


Sending hearts would be much easier if it was just once a day, not after precisely 24 hours. Then you could just send to all at the same time,
Agree with olga.

Many annoying things in this event.
I had 80+ friends before this event, now this number tends to ~200.
I do not see who I have already sent hearts and who does not and I have to click on each to check it out.
Friend bar very often resets position, bcs some friends appears online.
I spend my time and send hearts to friends. but what can motivate them to send hearts to me?

Really need a few things:
1. "Send all" button. This will solve the most of problems.
2. Change counter '1 sending every 24 hours' to counter '1 sending every day(eg after midnight or other night time)'.
3. If you dont wanna to do button "send all", then make a marker for those who are at the moment I can send hearts.
4. Make award for sending hearts, and not just for receiving. It motivates players to send the hearts, not just receiving.


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Dev Team
The limit on friends really is necessary. The unable to load bug happened directly because it took (at least during my test) 20 minutes to load 100 friends in IE. I think our kind developers have since optimised it to load 15x faster, but as you can see, that's still far from allowing unlimited friends. (Not even going to start addressing game balance...)

The friends position shifting due to online status annoyed me too, although as the event has already gone live and there's not an easy solution without affecting the chat aspect, I don't think we'll be able to do anything this time around. I would assume by now the same applies to other UI niceties we had intended to finalise but got delayed by more pressing issues. If we hold a similar event again in the future, though, we'll keep these things in mind.


What is going on with town construction?It started by giving 700+ hearts and now I get even less than 100. why?


It consumes double the energy of a normal 1 hour job but still this doen't explain why it only gives me 100 hearts now.If it was 300-400 it would be normal


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There are some creepy things... the friends bar should have a fixed limit of 100 people. Nothing more. It´s making the servers getting lag over 5 seconds.

To help with the heart collection and the 100 limit, make it a 50 per day.

In exchange, raise the 1h job (and construction) to 700-850 hearts. 10 minutes to 120-150 (same with duels) and 15seg to 4-5 (same with npc duels).

People are praying on the friends bar and nothing more. Many worlds got a big influx of new accounts just to make 500 friends to get the hearts... without doing nothing.

I know that it´s impossible to get to the 9 stage of the individual reward without, at least, 250 friends and the large bag (or using nuggets). It would still be near that, but if everyone worked 8-9 times per day on a 1h job, it would help themselfs and raise the activity on the servers.
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Just a small question:

The Love Confession quests (the middle community reward) will stay open only until the end of the event or it will a permanent addition for the ones that had logged hearts into that world or it will close at 02-03-2014 23:59:59?


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Dev Team
As far as I'm aware, if you unlock it in time, it won't disappear as soon as the event ends.


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im not sure how it is offensive. maybe if the title were "Love Organ Donor" then a few males might find it disturbing, but as is I thinks its just a nice play on words. The event a a whole I love, because for months lots of players have been going on and on about new sets being pushed out and everything was now about money. Here is a great example of InnoGames giving back. Sure spending real world money helps a lot and without it you MAY not receive all of the prizes, but the lovers set is great, the world prizes are good, and just the chance for a free premium chest should make players happy. Great job!