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Tombola Valentine's day 2017


Master Sergeant
Former Team Member
Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

it's time for some love again. As last year you have the chance to collect hearts again and get some nice rewards!
The event starts on today (January 24th) at 1:30 pm am and ends on March 6th 11:00 am.

Hearts can be collected by doing jobs, duels, quests, fort battles and construction work. Of course there's also the opportunity to receive hearts from friends or send some to them via the friendsbar (20 hearts every 24 hours).

As soon as you reached a certain number of hearts, a reward will be unlocked automatically. There will be two items which produce hearts every 12 and 24 hours. You will have the chance to get one of these items as a reward, the other one you will find in the shop for sale.

If all the players on your world together collected a certain amount of hearts you, everyone of you will get a special reward.

Please be aware that hearts are only a temporary currency that can no longer be used after the event.

During the event you will also have the chance to get some rewards through the Valentine's Wheel of Fortune. With one free spin a day you will have the chance to collect some nice rewards.

We have some new items for you. With every spin on the Wheel of Fortune you will have the chance to win items of Matoaka's Set:

By collecting a certain amount of hearts you will have the chance to win items of the John Rolfe's Set:

Do you already have 180000 hearts? John Rolfe's chest, which contains all items of John Rolfe's set (except the horse and the saddle) is waiting for you!

Have fun,
Your The West Team