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Tombola Valentine event 2020


The West Team

Howdy Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Everyone knows a lot of interesting stories about the great love of two people. Romeo and Juliet, Bonnie and Clyde and many other stories talk about a great feeling, care for another person, run away to the end of the world to live happily there... but can love stories have good endings like from a Cinderella fairy tale?

Can you feel it? Love is in the air and again you will have the chance to collect hearts and get some cool rewards!

Time frame:
  • Event start: 03.02.2020, 10:00
  • Event end: 26.02.2020, 23:59

Will a girl in love with an outlaw find her place in the world of cowboys? Meet the new citizen of your town and see how her love story will end.

This new questline contains 10 quests and is available for every player who already finished the quest "Showdown (Save the saloon, part 2)" and achieved 45 character level. For finishing this questline the achievement "Together 'til the end!" and the title "In love with an outlaw" are being rewarded.

Hearts are everywhere... Hearts can be collected by doing jobs, duels, quests, fort battles, adventures and construction work. Of course, there's also the opportunity to receive hearts from friends or send some via the friendsbar (20 hearts every 23 hours).
As soon as you reached a certain number of hearts, a reward will automatically be unlocked. There will be two items which produce hearts every 11,5 and 23 hours. You will have the chance to get one of these items as a reward, the other one you will find on sale in the shop.
You, as a community, collect hearts together and special world rewards are also waiting for you.

Please be aware that hearts are only a temporary currency that can no longer be used after the event.

Wheel of Fortune:
  • Unlocked as the first personal event reward.
  • Accessible via an extra interface button on the left.
  • Collected set items will be replaced by other rewards. Each set item can only be received once by the wheel.
  • Every players gets one free spin per day (Two with first purchaser bonus).
  • Additional spins can be bought for 40 nuggets/bonds each.
  • NEW:Once the last item is received all set items are put back into the pool again.

  • There are 10 personal rewards and 5 world rewards
  • The more hearts you collect, the better rewards you will get
  • Missing hearts for the next reward level can be bought with nuggets
  • After all rewards are obtained, additional hearts can be traded for bond items.
We have some new items for you. With every spin on the Wheel of Fortune you will have the chance to win items of Bonnie's set and by collecting a certain amount of hearts you will have the chance to win items of the Clyde's set.

Check the set bonus:

+0.08 Strength (per Level)
+0.08 Mobility (per Level)
+0.08 Dexterity (per Level)
+0.08 Charisma (per Level)
+0.85 Fine Motor skills (per lvl)
+0.85 Repairing (per Level)
+0.85 Leadership (per Level)
+0.95 Trading (per Level)
+0.85 Appearance (per Level)
+40 more money
+ 30% Regeneration

+0,08 strength (per level)
+0,1 mobility (per level)
+0,07 dexterity (per level)
+0,09 charisma (per level)
+0.95 toughness
+0.75 vigor (per level)
+0,95 health (per level)
+0.85 setting traps (per level)
+0,85 fine motor skills (per level)
+0,65 reflex (per level)
+0.85 tactic (per level)
+0,75 appearance (per level)
+75% improved drop chance
+200 labor points
+50% increased luck

+0,07 strength (per level)
+0,07 mobility (per level)
+0,04 dexterity (per level)
+0,04 charisma (per level)
+0,4 health (per level)
+0,4 setting traps (per level)
+0,4 leadership (per level)
+0,4 appearance (per level)
+35% improved drop chance
+25% luck

+0,03 Strength (per lvl)
+0,03 Charisma (per lvl)
+0,55 Construction (per lvl)
+0,35 Fine motor skills (per lvl)
+0,35 Repairing (per lvl)
+120 labor point

Have fun!
Your The West Team