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New Issue Useless "feature"


What's the name for the useless counter in the job window that tells the game how many times you wanted to repeat a job? You know - the one that resets to 1 right after you clicked 9 times to get it to say 9 (and when doing jobs like Traveling Merchant and Trading Office, you likely wanted it to stay at 9 for quite some time)?
For things that almost all players want to do, like the last stage of the Locked Out quest, where you have to do the Traveling Merchant job 100 times, with that "feature" you should only have to click 19 times ... but chances are you just have to click 100 times. It used to stay at whatever you entered for at least a few iterations, but never very long - now it's often not even twice.
My question is threefold:
1) What is it called?
2) WHY is it there, since it doesn't actually work (and probably never really did)?
3) WWTD?


1),2): If you have this last option checked in Settings>Interface https://screenshots.firefox.com/SRnBzzbYQPx4mfwf/zz1.beta.the-west.net "Job window stays open after starting a job" it stays up and you could press it multiple times, but yes even then it sometimes randomly resets to 1 xD, so fastest and safest option is to use bot or just autoclicker without even humanizing inputs bcuz twt isn't even checking logs - afik for last 2 years they did it only on goldrush event and only for top players, so you could leave good bot running and they had nothing on you except that you were "playing" 30-40hrs constantly and getting banned for not sleeping XD
3) delete tw