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Update to 2.0 - feedback


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I am outraged that the Devs have decided to increase the products needed to Brew Fine Liqueur
It used to require 1 Moonshine 1 Herbal Liqueur and 1 Jug
Now it requires 3 Moonshine 2 Herbal liqueur and 2 Jugs

The cost to get the products to produce it is now insane and the reward is almost useless in comparison

Products required to produce 1 Bottle of Fine Liquor:
3 Fools Gold x 50 = 150
3 Granite x50 = 150
3 Cotton x 50 = 150
21 Potatoes x 50 = 1050 (this is insane)
21 Sugar x 50 = 1050 (this is insane)
3 Tinderboxes x 50 =150
12 Grain x 50 = 600 (this is insane)
2 lotus Flowers x 50 = 150
2 Resin x 50 = 100
2 Glasses of water x 50 = 100
2 Saws x 50 = 100
4 Jugs x50 = 200 (this is insane)

Now multiply the amounts above by 50 to get to Level 600
(You have to be kidding me - please put it back to the previous level)

I have worked my ass off to get enough products to get to the next level and then I reach the level to craft Fine Liqueur and it has been increase by over double
This is totally unfair
The devs are turning into real jerks doing stuff like this
Well I don't give a crap anymore, as they have now gone too far in my opinion
They have managed to drain every scrap of fun out of this game out of pure greed for profit
They won't get one more dollar out of me
I can't wait to see Ver: 2.0 released on the regular worlds and watch the players leave by the 1000
It will serve them right for ignoring the players
Is this request just going to be ignored like all my other requests, or can I get some feedback, be it positive or negative?
I will keep quoting this post until the Devs have the courtesy to respond to it
It has taken me $300,000 worth of products to generate 15 bottles of Moonshine, to gain 5 opportunities to obtain a Crafting skill point with a LOW chance of being successful
Guess what? - I never got ONE Crafting point
That's $300,000 down the drain, that I worked my ass off to earn in this game
I still have 22 Crafting points to go, to get to 600 crafting points, with a low chance of getting a crafting skill point, each time I try
I can't even comprehend the cost of getting to 600 Crafting Skill points based on the figures above
What the hell was you guys thinking when you decided to be so damn cruel, by changing the Crafting requirements so drastically
Come on, get down off your pedestals and get real
It is sickening to be on the receiving end of your gross misjudgements and gross miscalculations
Are you guys too proud and arrogant to change it back, for fear of admitting you screwed up at our expense?
You have just about ruined every facet of this game by forcing these changes on everyone
Own up to your mistakes and start taking the feedback seriously before The-West becomes an EPIC failure
Everyone is trying to warn you what will happen, if you don't start taking your customers seriously
I'm not going away Kankalin
Have the common decency to answer this message
I even PM'd you and you ignored that message too
I'm still waiting for a reply
I can't believe how the Devs can ram this update down our throats and then just ignore us
Their arrogance is absolutely unbelievable
Kankalin, are you guys deliberately being rude, by showing a complete lack of interest in my posts?
This is the 5th time I have reposted this message :(
I'm paying to play this came so I deserve a reply


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The west 2.0 feedback? The design is pretty nifty and the job system is dumb. There's your feedback :up:


i suggest for the developers do less worlds and more time for a world, increase lv max, do like wow dailys quests for receive reputation and buy special things from npcs, so the players will play more time and low time for day, will not increase the players doing the game more boring, maybe sellers in the middle of world and need do quests for he start sell for your, and most important the craft need be easier than a shop option... so more people play and use market


1-click town access

what I really dislike about this update is that the same jobs in a given sector are now in so few spots, for example 2 places, as it's now common
so, I'd like to have the "walk to" option in job places (carts, mines etc.) - it could improve the transit speed, like: I could travel to the job in "speedy" outfit and then in the meantime switch to the gear required for the job

I'd like to click once on a town to reveal the buildings icons the same way as when clicking on one of them silly carts or mines - it would give easier access to the bank and hotel, and would look nice, fitting into the new game logic

wouldn't that be nice?

I can't wait for the best-equipment-thingy to finally start showing bonus items as well :)
and, what about the level cap? what's the point to get all those thousands of XP now? it still brings nothing
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Make Christmas crackers, gingerbread, marzipan potato and chocolate cookie auctionable.

I have 50 christmas crackers on one world... and nothing to use them since im not a dueller.

I can´t get lucky on the roulette... i could get some money from the crackers and buy the sets.


Okay, I've completed the Christmas repeatable quest, and finally got my "present" today. I expected that the present will contain some useful items, but then I got a glass marble... What the hell?! What should I do with it? Throw at someone? It's totally useless!

I know it's not a hard quest, but I thought I will get something better than this..
I worked for nothing again, it's really annoying..:hmpf:


Make Christmas crackers, gingerbread, marzipan potato and chocolate cookie auctionable.

I have 50 christmas crackers on one world... and nothing to use them since im not a dueller.

I can´t get lucky on the roulette... i could get some money from the crackers and buy the sets.
I agree - have lots of Christmas crackers - that I will probably never use- It would be nice to sell them.


I am not sure anybody actually reads this - but I try anyway.

I think most players agree - that it is ok - to some extend to raise the amount of materials used to build forts.- But the amounts needed is ridiculously high.

On most servers we have just lost all our forts- when we changed to the new version- and never got the promised compensation from the loss.
Many players are still very dissapoited by this - so they don't want to start over collecting 2100 cotton ....
It gets worse as the new version have caused that there are now very few players left in some worlds - we are waiting for InnoGames to announce that they are closing down - hoping for a chance to migrate to a new server - again we loose our forts - so no one wants to contribute - and the game is just getting moe and more meaningless and dull

Besides that - what has InnoGames got against the adventurers.
the time it takes to find materials for the post-horns is totally out of proportions - compared to the 3 other towers - for an adventurer with premium - who finds a bonus job with silver - it takes at least 300 hours to find the 75 post-horn needed. - So please raise the drop rate - or lower the amount needed. Indeed - lower the amount needed for the rest of the materials as well

And now we are at it - give the players on all the servers the promised compensation for the lost forts - not just a title and 50 bonds- that was given to all players.
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they dont want forts, want duels for the people spend nuggets getting hp and energy, because of that need all that amount for the barracks, 18 nuggets or spend more than 100k for sleep