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Update 2.85 discussion


Staff Sergeant
2:2 is ok, but 1:1 is just running when you would get 35 points in the 35 rounds.
1:1 is just nice for the quester or adv with collusion so 35:35^^
1:1 is great when someone have more playtime at late night, easier find one friend to play some adv, than found 3 or 5. Last time I needed a hour to find 5 friends, who will play adv with me, after we played one, 4 friends said they go to sleep.


There is always the problem with the quest "Oktoberfest is comming". "The first sinday"

The henry quest does not appear

A simple message to the support and it's settled. Thank you people:up:

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It will be changed to filtered cigarette, not sure when though. Probably next Monday.
With this fix , will we have to cancel the quest and to re-accept again ? or will the change be directly available for the quest in progress?