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Changelog Update 2.134


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We are currently planning on updating the game to the version 2.134 on September 14th. Please keep in mind that the date, time and content of the update are subject to change.

Fort Battle Formula Changes
Based on feedback from our event server and Polish players, we are proceeding with a small number of changes to the fort battle foruma. These are designed to improve the game balance between the attackers and defenders in the short term. We hope to add more changes in the future as we have further opportunities to test more extensive redesigns.

Distance Penalty
When shooting, the bonus your targets receive to their defense value will be increased.

5 fields710
10 fields1625
15 fields2644

Structure Bonuses
When standing on a building or fortification, instead of a fixed bonus you will receive a percentage bonus dependent upon your base attack and defend values.

Level 5 Tower+28 Attack, +21 Defend, +21 Class+35% Attack, +26% Defend, +26% Class
Unbuilt Walls+3 Attack, +5 Defend+4% Attack, +6% Defend
Flag-10 Attack, -10 Defend-25% Attack, -25% Defend
Please note these values are increased compared to the values tested on the events and Polish servers.

Flag Penalties
Flag penalties once again apply to defenders like they always have to attackers.

Indian's set

We received a lot of requests to update our old sets. The Indian's set bonuses and item's bonuses have been updated and all of them are now calculated per level. Please let us know what you think about the changes and which set should be updated next.

Fort battle stats

Fort battle stats has shown the incorrect numbers of knocked out players during the battle.

Quest NPC Christopher

We have changed Christopher's avatar, as he looked a bit like a zombie.

We hope you like the changes this update brings to the game. As always we are looking forward to your feedback!

Best regards,
Your The West Team
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