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Update 2.134 discussion


They never were dependent on fort size, if you build towers to 3rd level on big fort they had the same stats as those on small one


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The incompetent "management" , after few years of DPS freak-show, finally let Diggo start with writing damage and resist formulas from scratch and despite what some people said I was of the idea that they were a great start and only needed fine-tuning.

But management changed their 'no-clue at all' mind and took months with only what we are given right now, which are basically tinkering with numbers and adding some percentage to them (except Distance penalty)

That being said, from what I understand they do want to do further changes but with this snail-speed they might not happen/conclude until new year..

So yeah, good luck & great patience to whoever expecting an end to this DPS (or DPH if you will) fiesta.


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Just not enough Defense to stand against soo many Damagers with absurd Attack values..
Let alone the absurd Damages.

So yeah, Attackers still use Towers and whatnot much longer than Defenders.. Only making things easier for 'em as soon as a Tower or two is lost.
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