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Update 2.128 discussion


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Before distance penalty was Distance^0.6 ??? It's not what the wiki said... (Image Below)
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From the Net wiki
That was the info I received, maybe the wiki was wrong before, maybe the info was wrong, I don't know. Either way, the current formula should be distance*1.6.

In addition, the beta was just updated with the following things:
  • Structures give bonuses relative to your own skills rather than being fixed values
  • Defenders aren't immune to flag penalties again


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7.2 All the Games, Services, Premium Services, items or currencies we offer are reworked and updated at our discretion to ensure that they remain attractive for the largest possible circle of users.
7.3 We reserve the right to discontinue the operation of the Games or parts thereof without giving reasons.

8.14 As part of adapting and updating the Games in terms of Art. 7.2 and Art. 7.3 of these Terms of Use, we may offer new Premium Services, items or currencies, or change or completely discontinue existing Premium Services for future use of the Games. In the event of such adaptation or cessation, we undertake to give you the opportunity to apply and use Premium Services, items or currencies you have purchased against a fee within a previously notified deadline. Alternatively, we give you, as the User, the option to convert the Premium Services, items and currencies you have purchased against a fee into a credit that you can use otherwise.

I believe our sets need some re-balancing in the near future. Some Livi/Zapa/Station Manager set buffs along with nerfing union officer set before anything is even considered for live release, now is the perfect time to invoke your terms and conditions, under the pretext of balancing fort fights, I think with the exclusion of one particular set from the IFBC, it's clear the scope of the problem is internally acknowledged to some degree.


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For sure, after the mechanical changes/balancing done, there will be a need of set balancing/adapting, be it nugget or tombola.

Step 1; equalising total stat number of all recent FF Tank vs Damager sets as much as possible.
Hp and non-Hp Tank sets should be balanced with each other too.

Step 2; equalising hiding and traps of every recent set in the game (AP bonuses included or excluded, no matter)

Step 3; slightly buffing the tombola sets (& Shiny Golden Set) giving Attack and/or Defense bonuses as their effect has been rather diminished with the new Tower bonuses and distance penalty. (Similar to Buffs)

aaaand.. last but not least...
Union Officer. A.k.a; Destroyer of game. The one with about 700 more total stats than any upgraded Tombola damager gear, apart from absurd individual item bonuses and Sector Damage.

It's ur right to balance Nugget sets, as well as it was ur right to release 'em.. We all agree to those ToS when we start the game whether we read them or not, even though that doesn't mean we can't criticise any such decision.
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Disagree about steps 1 and 2.

1 dimensional builds for everyone (or classes) smells of boredom and predictability.

Am totally impartial to step 3 because since we are not even close to the final product (formula), its impossible to judge if any change would be needed in this regard.

As far as "last but not least", strong and understandable words from someone that does not own Union set nor has spent any money on it. Would be interesting to know how many players on each world (in %) do own this "destroyer of the game" before people go into complete paranoia about it. Getting rid off its sector bonus would me more then enough to nullify this sets side effects.


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"Agree to disagree" ?

Step 1.. Wait, we shouldn't balance the Sets against each other?
For the clarification, 1st sentence is about Damager sets having lots more stats ( & Damage bonuses compared to Resistance) than Tank ones, for whatever reason.
Besides, all the sets were for ex-formulas and stuff. Although, nowhere near "balanced" for them either :roll:

Step 2.. it got nothing to do with 1 dimensional builds.
There is absolute no set with "Setting traps" superiority but all Damager sets (& Zapata) have way too many Hiding, as if Attacking is too hard like 10 years ago.

If u mean.. People should be able to "Attack specialist" .. Well.. "Defense specialist" should be possible too then.
Or.. you make them equal and let the people decide for themselves..

As for Step 3.. I don't believe it's anywhere near impossible.
Might not need it if Step 1 & 2 is done right thou. Still, I said slightly.

Getting rid off its sector bonus would me more then enough to nullify this sets side effects.
Still can use other ppl's sector bonuses (like Murrieta) Just would be a bit less.
But that's just 1 side of the story.

For the record.. many more (active) people than you know has it. Whether they use it or not.
And it became much more viable to use with Hp builds now. (1250 Avg Damage with 18k Hp Soldier is no joke)

Unless.. we see some refining changes on Damage formula.


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With certain Hp (around 8-9k) and Skills, "Penalty" can easily be made literally/practically 0
|maxHealth ÷ 10mean(skill1, leadership, dodging)|^0.6

Max penalty you could ever reach isn't higher than 140-150 anyway.. which requires 20k+ Hp.
Also LOTS of Hp = longer survival still a thing..

Don't see a way to make Dodgy-Resist Tank that outlives (or at least lives as long) a full crazy Hp Tank.
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We have already discussed what could be changed for the better, such as the Damage Formula. Now we are waiting for your answer (next changelog)....With these changes there is an Increase amount of DAMAGE (Resistance is ok at the moment...but Damages go through the roof!)

Now I'll add something new : Now there is an incentive for tanks to put a lot of skills in AIMING, at least 300...going up to 500 (counting the Atributes)...I mean, is this really your goal? Tank builds will be 80%Aim and 20%HP, seems ridiculous. And I'm not even talking about the obvious repercussion - More Damage and Less HP

Below is and updated (with the Phoebe+Station Manager) overview of the Builds and their stats:

All calculations with Adventurer class (no bonuses) using Booby Trap and 150 Damage Sector.


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Well, that's not new. I've called it the day changes were announced and Jaro had made the calculations.

Seeing Diggo with mix/damager gear with Hp build (and him witnessing damages of Union Officer with Hp build) , safe to say he is well aware of it and wants to gather as much data as possible to decide how to refine the Damage formula or so.

At least that's what I hope. (Of course no balancing will do justice for Union unless u balance the set itself)

Tricky part is though, extreme-Hp (20k+) still survives the longest. Dodge + Resist builds still not as effective in Tanking because of (both) formula's very small Penalties.
I thought they wanted to stop HP arms racing with both previous and new formulas. But not sure if it will happen.

There is this.. No Damager clothing, no Sp into Aiming, but APs on Dex & skill equaling of sorts for both Attack and Defense.
Approx 900+ Damage via standing on a sector with 150 damage bonus (Murrieta's). Would be over 1k with Union's. (If you wear it, you can surpass 1.2k)

On the other hand.. Compared to previous formulas u have about 100 more resist. But damages increased much more that 14k Hp is quite weak and u won't dodge much to make up for it. Besides, 20-25k Hp won't really lose you more than 10-20 resist & max damage loss will be 60 or so.
So Hp is still the king if you wanna survive longest. And do decent enough damage.

For the record, Golden mount set becomes very powerful with these changes.
Since Hp doesn't kill the Damages, 80 bonus of it becomes better than 45 of Murrieta's. Apart from the Aim bonus.

On the other hand, it's also a Tank set with 80 resist & Hp..

Surely will need some Set balancing..
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