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Update 2.123 discussion


Master Sergeant
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The new quest is available.

As for the Easter set balance, we tried something different this event and are currently not planning any changes.


Staff Sergeant
we tried something different this event
Yes we all can see that, and we are, mostly, if not totally, positive about not having "Power-Creep" sets anymore.
(Although this new Tank set, or at least the Mount part of it, is like going back in time)

But as I also said before, OP Damager sets (be it Nugget, non-Nugget, Upgraded or not) are still out there un-Nerfed/imbalanced and affecting the whole PvP experience negatively.

Ps. Even if there was NO (PvP) Nugget sets at all, it doesn't matter, Damagers still have the upper hand, and Defenders can NOT hold towers in any way.
(You know what happens then..)

I mean.. allowed Sets on IFBC explains it all. But even there it's all the same. Damage is favored too much, as I said before, or as you can see from your Databases.

So if you gonna keep being stingy with Tanky set bonuses as you already were for a while.. Then please do the required balance changes of Formulas (or at least Sector Damage Bonuses), Rewarding, Class bonuses etc.
Oh and.. don't ever put Union/Deputy on Sale..
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