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Update 2.117 discussion


Staff Sergeant
Congratulations to the Lead Community Manager for offering those 2 sets as the most expensive ever
Anyone that pays that price needs to be psychoanalysed, as that is a total ripoff and you know it
The price is horrendous in the Betas, but it's insane in the regular worlds
Nice job running the West into the ground
Is this your way of punishing the community for not participating in the DOTD Event which is Illegal gambling?
Shame on you for exploiting everyone with your blatant greed and making Dueling and Fort Fighting completely unbalanced
Whenever I made a suggestion to help the Community, Leones used to say "We cant do that because it will unbalance the game"
Well when it suits you, you have no problem doing it, isn't that called hypocrisy Leones?


Bit late to the discussion, but I actually know a couple who spent 13500 nuggets for a level 1 cowgirl set. Sadly, there still are plenty of people who are willing to spend for those sets and those people are the reason they keep up with those offers even after all the feedback on the forums.

But, moving on to a more pertinent question, Leones, can you please let us know what the testing timeline for the new potion is and when are they expected on the net servers? - I'm mostly asking because other things like changed FF numbers, gangs in advs, etc are being tested for years and never made it to .net. Can we expect it in a few weeks or is it indefinite? - also, like others have mentioned it, please put it in the shop in the beta so that people can actually buy and test it.